Once Upon A Time

Play Once Upon A Time - Enjoy the Medieval Theme and Win Big!

Our Bitcoin Casino presents Betsoft’s, medieval themed Once Upon A Time Slot. Go through the story as the knight tries to save the princess from a tower. There is a green dragon which is blocking the entrance just in like in many fairy tales. Play Once Upon A Time and enjoy the fantastic story and gameplay.

Game Objective

The objective is simple and its connected to the name of the slot. All you need to do is follow the story of a medieval fairy tale. Play Once Upon A Time and take advantage of all the bonus features this slot has to offer.

Once Upon A Time Stakes

When it comes to bitcoin wagers, they can be as little as 0.1 mBTC per spin, all the way up to 5 mBTC. The coin size can go from 0.1 to 1.0 as well. While you Play Once Upon A Time, the button to control the stakes will be located on the bottom left side of the screen. You need to choose the coin size as well as how much you want to bet per line.

For instance, this slot game features 30 paylines and in order to calculate your winnings, you need to look at the following formula:

coin size x bet per line x 30 = total winnings.

Once Upon A Time Paylines

The Once Upon A Time slot has 30 paylines with a classic distribution. Below you can see the spread of the paylines.


Before spinning the reel you need to click on “Select Lines” so you can choose the number of active paylines you want to have. The “Bet Per Line”, “Spin”, and “Max Bet” buttons are also there, helping you set up the game under your preferred terms.

Play Once Upon A Time Payouts

In the top right corner, you will notice the button “View Pays” where all the payouts are revealed. Here are the highest paylines that each symbol line can offer. Play Once Upon A Time and you will understand them all really quickly.


Play Once Upon A Time Shield
3 10
4 40
5 80


3 15
4 60
5 100


Play Once Upon A Time Catapult
3 20
4 80
5 150


3 25
4 100
5 200


Play Once Upon A Time Chicken
3 30
4 125
5 250

Trumpet Player

Trumpet Player
3 40
4 150
5 300


Play Once Upon A Time Treasure
2 4
3 60
4 200
5 400


2 6
3 100
4 300
5 500

Play Once Upon A Time Bonus Features

As we mentioned above, Once Upon A Time has tons of bonus features. There is a wild which has its own feature as well as several special symbols that activate extra features. Players can enjoy a Click Me bonus, free spins, instant credits as well as 2 different bonus rounds. Play Once Upon A Time and make sure you check out all the bonuses.

Dragon Wild

The wild symbol in Once Upon A time is a green dragon. If you get him on the 1st position of the 3rd reel, the dragon wild feature will activate. The dragon appears and breathes fire, turning the whole 3rd reel wild. It replaces all regular symbols and if the treasure symbol appears during the dragon wild feature, the reel will remain wild for one more spin.

Play Once Upon A Time Dragon Wild
Dragon Wild Feature

How She Loved The Knight

Once Upon A Time has an instant credit win bonus as well. To grab it all you need to do is land the knight and the princess next to each other on paylines one, two or three. It’s a very simple bonus that gets triggered quite often. Play Once Upon A Time and win some instant prizes.

Instant Credit Bonus
Instant Credit Bonus

Those Crazy Goblins

Here we have a feature that all casino players love. Free spins are always nice and Once Upon A Time has a lot of them. Trigger this by landing three or more tree house symbols on an active payline; you will earn just five spins initially but any further tree houses on the reels will award another spin. Additionally, the player gets 60 credits when this feature is triggered.

Play Once Upon A Time Free Spins Mode
Free Spins Mode

Play Once Upon A Time Click Me Feature

Betsoft love adding Click Me features to a number of their online slots. In Once Upon A Time, this is triggered by landing three or more sacks of gold anywhere on the reels and it’s a picking game in which all you have to do is keep clicking the sacks for prizes until you find the ‘Collect’ one at which point the round is over.

Click Me Feature
Click Me Feature

Play Once Upon A Time Bonus Rounds

Last but not least, we have to mention the thrill factor that this casino game has. A favorite bonus for most players is a bonus round. Most slots have a single bonus round but Once Upon A Time has 2 of them and both are fantastic. The 1st one is called the Goblin’s Treasure Bonus Round. Trigger this by landing three goblin symbols on an active payline on reels one, two and three. Now you must accompany those goblins to a room where you must pick three of the valuables on display to steal. Your choices will determine your prize win.

Play Once Upon A Time bonus round
Bonus Round

The 2nd bonus round is called Save the Princess Bonus Round. This is triggered by landing three or more of the knight symbols on an active payline; your task is to defeat the dragon to rescue the princes by hitting it with your choice of weapon. The better you do, the greater the prize. While you play Once Upon A Time, this is the bonus that gives out the best rewards.

 Bonus Round
Bonus Round

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