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Casinos offer dozens of different poker games and poker versions. Texas Hold’em is the most popular version of the poker game. Learning the game can be very simple as the basics are straightforward. However, becoming a real master in it takes a lot of work. It can be very challenging and many players end up losing more than winning even though they have been playing for years. In Texas Hold’em, you play against other players. To make it easier, Casinos offer a version where players can play against the dealer. It’s called Casino Hold’em and it’s an even simpler game. Coinbet24 Live Bitcoin Casino has a live section that offers a fantastic Live Casino Poker Hold’em game developed by Ezugi.

Ezugi’s Casino Hold’em is a variation of the world renowned poker game. It is one of Ezugi’s top products and is a real favorite for live casino operators too. This is because the game allows for unlimited number of players. This equals maximum acceptance of players and unlimited revenue for casino providers. The highlight of the game is definitely the main game, but the bonus side bets are also very appealing. The payouts in the bonus side bets go as high as 100 to 1 and that is always appealing. Keep reading to learn more about this Live Casino Poker game.


Casino Hold’em is available 24/7. This means that even if you visit the game in the early hours of the morning, you will still follow a live game. This is because the game is continuously streamed from Ezugi’s Eastern European Public Studio. Another thing which makes the game more accessible is the fact that players can play it from all platforms and devices. Players at home can play the game from their desktop or laptop computer via only a Flash player. On the other hand, players who are on the go can play the game on any smartphone or tablet out there.

Live Casino Poker table
Casino Hold’em Table

In addition to ease of access, the game also comes with other impressive features. Chief among these is the inclusion of live dealers. Ezugi employs only the best among live dealers and this is clearly evident in this Live Casino Poker Hold’em. The dealers interact with players, inform them of the rules, and open and close betting. Furthermore, Casino Hold’em dealers always conduct the perfect games. This ensures that players focus solely on the game and the dealer is never a distraction. That’s why it is not a surprise that players often tip dealers via the Dealer tipping feature.

Live Casino Poker Game Features

Casino Hold’em is very easy to play. Players play against the dealer and this allows for unlimited numbers of Casino Hold’em clients. Unlike Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em is not played against other players, but against the house. The purpose of the game is to beat the dealer by forming the best 5-card hand. This combination is made from the player’s two cards and the 5 community cards.

To play the game, players place a bet on the Ante bet first.  After this, the game starts and the cards are dealt. Players make estimates whether to continue playing and can Call or Fold. When the time for decision is over the dealer deals two more cards. These are the Turn and River cards and are essential to the final outcome.

When the Ante bet is made, players can also choose to place a Bonus bet. This Bonus bet starts when the player has Pair of Aces and in this situation pays out 7 to 1. The payouts get progressively higher from there. For example, Flush pays out 20:1 while Full House has odds of 30:1. Four of a kind comes with odds of 40:1 and Straight Flush is priced at 50:1. The most lucrative bonus bet option is the Royal Flush as it pays out 100:1.

Hand Rankings

Individual cards are ranked down from Ace, which has the highest value, to the face cards (King, Queen, Jack), and then from 10 down to 2. To complete a straight, the Ace can be counted like a 1 or the last card next to the King. The weakest hand in Hold’em is the High Card. This is a poker hand made of any five cards that are not meeting any of the below mentioned requirements. Essentially, no card combination has any relation to the other. There are no pairs, triples, or any kind of 5-card combination of sequential or suit-related cards. The decisive factor is the highest card in a player’s hand.

  • A Pair is a hand that includes two cards of the same rank.
  • Two Pairs is a hand that includes two sets of cards, each of the same rank (two 2’s plus 2 Jacks, for example).
  • Three of a Kind is a hand that includes three cards of the same rank.
  • A Straight includes five cards in sequential order but not of the same suit.
  • A Flush is when you get five cards, all of the same suit. For instance, an Ace, a 3, a 10, an a Queen – all of Spades.
  • Full House includes four cards of the same rank.
  • A Straight Flush is a Straight in which the sequence of cards are all of the same suit.
  • Royal Flush is a Straight Flush that starts from a 10 and ends with an Ace.

Live Casino Poker Game Outcomes

The dealer must have at least a pair of 4s or higher to qualify. You win if the dealer’s hand qualifies (contains anything equal to or better than a pair of 4s). and is lower than yours. The Ante bet is paid out according to the payout table and the Call bet pays 1:1. You lose if the dealer’s hand qualifies and is higher than yours. You lose both your Ante bet and your Call bet.

When the player and the dealer have identically ranking hands, the person who has the highest involved cards wins. For two full houses, for instance, the highest threesome wins. If equal, the highest pair wins, and if they are too identical, the highest kicker wins.

A push is a draw where the player and the dealer have exactly the same hand. In such a case, the player gets his/her Ante and Call bet back. When the dealer doesn’t have a qualifying hand, the player gets the Call bet back as well as part of the Ante, based on the payout table.


Table Limits MIN MAX
Ante 0.5 500
Bonus 0.5 100
Card Combinations Ante Bonus
Royal Flush 100:1 100:1
Straight Flush 20:1 50:1
Four of a Kind 10:1 40:1
Full House 3:1 30:1
Flush 2:1 20:1
Straight 1:1 7:1
Three of a Kind 1:1 7:1
Two Pairs 1:1 7:1
Pair of Aces 1:1 7:1
One Pair 1:1 no payout
High 1:1 no payout

It’s important to note that the Call bet payout is 1:1.

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical percentage return to the player.

  • Ante Bet has a return of 97.84%
  • Bonus Bet has a return of 93.74%

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