Sugar Pop

Play Sugar Pop - Cascading Wins lead to Huge Payouts!

Our Bitcoin Casino presents Betsoft’s fantastic slot Sugar Pop. The game is a cross between Bejeweled and Candy Crush (both insanely popular arcade style video games). The slot offers multiple bonus features, huge payouts, and best of all, this is an all ways pay slot game. Play Sugar Pop and win great rewards in the process.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is very simple because all you need to do is watch out for the Cascading wins. Create as many explosions as possible with the different types of candy that serve as symbols. Play Sugar Pop and take advantage of all the bonus features offered by this slot.

Sugar Pop Stakes

When it comes to bitcoin wagers, they can be as little as 0.50 mBTC per spin, all the way up to 10.00 mBTC. Both the bet amount and the coin size can be adjusted based on the preferences of the player. While you play Sugar Pop, you will notice that there is no button to control the paylines. This is because the game doesn’t have any paylines. Winning combinations are created through the Cascading Wins gameplay. They can be created in any direction and once a combination is made it will explode, allowing other symbols to fall in their place.

Sugar Pop Paylines

As we mentioned above, this slot doesn’t have any paylines. Instead, it has 5 rows, each holding a maximum of 5 symbols. Collecting the same symbols causes them to explode and then new ones fall in their place. Additionally, you will find the Spin and the Autoplay button right below the reels. All of this can help you set up the game under your preferred terms.

Play Sugar Pop Payouts

In the top right corner, you will notice a “View Pays” button where all the payouts are revealed. On top of that, all the options can be found there as well. Here are the highest payouts that each symbol line can offer. Play Sugar Pop and you will understand them all really quickly.

Play Sugar Pop Payouts
Sugar Pop Payouts

Play Sugar Pop Features and Bonuses

The bonus features on this slot work differently to most other games. You have regular candy symbols and special candy symbols. As you create wins with the regular candy symbols, you go through levels and unlock the special symbols. Below, we are going to explain in details how all the special candy symbols work. Play Sugar Pop and give these features a try.

Super Color & Color Bomb

These are the most common special features on Sugar Pop. They don’t require a certain level which means you can trigger them with a simple winning combination. If you manage to get 4 of the same color, it will give you a multiplier of the corresponding color which applies to wins that are part of the same color This is known as the Super Color feature. On the other hand, the Color bomb requires you to get 5 or more matching candy colors to create a bomb of the same color. This will then explode all the matching candy colors on the Sugar Pop reels and generate a huge win and award you lots of credits. These are very unique features that only a few Betsoft slots have. Play Sugar Pop and try to activate these two features.

Super Color
Super Color
Play Sugar Pop Color Bomb
Color Bomb

Special Symbols

The special candy symbols that appear while you Play Sugar Pop trigger different features but you need to have a winning combination first. The information below lists the different bonus features.

  • Candy Cane – Land a candy cane on any of the reels and the candy cane will explode all of the candies within the same row and column. Required level: 10.
  • Cotton Candy – Land the cotton candy symbol and a tornado will appear which will sweep away other symbols and help you complete winning combinations. Required level: 20.
  • Jelly Beans –  Land a Jelly Bean and watch as it flies across the screen. When it lands it explodes everything that it touches. You can win anywhere from 1 – 5 Jelly Beans. Required level: 12.
  • Caramel Chew – Trigger this feature and watch as the caramel chews away everything in its path. Required level: 2.
  • Gum Drop – This feature is open to Level 6 players and the gumdrop will suck up a number of candies in its path before finally exploding.
  • Peanut Butter Cup – 7-12 Candy symbols get stuck in place revealing matching symbols for extra wins. Required level: 21.
Special Symbols
Special Symbols
More Special Symbols
  • Lollipop – The lollipop feature is open to all players. Hit a lollipop during your final spin and watch as it magically swirls the candies giving you a second chance for a big win.
  • Chocolate – Land the piece of chocolate and watch as a 3 x 3 box appears. The pieces of candy will then melt into a smothering pool of chocolate, giving way to new symbols and perhaps more wins. Required level: 15.
  • Jawbreaker – The tooth chipping Jawbreaker symbol, available on Level 8 and up – gives players the opportunity to crush more symbols.
  • White Chocolate – Available on Level 4 and up, the White Chocolate gives players the opportunity to complete combinations by launching almonds like missiles. Each target hit shatters and a new symbol appears
Play Sugar Pop Special Symbols 2
Special Symbols 2

Play Sugar Pop Bonus Pattern

It might be a small feature but it’s a very important part of the gameplay. On the left side of the Sugar Pop reels, you will notice a picture of a Bonus Pattern. To trigger it, you need to explode candy in the positions of the pattern. Clearing the bonus pattern gives the player an additional 1200 points towards his level score. Play Sugar Pop and take advantage of this feature.

Play Sugar Pop Bonus Pattern
Bonus Pattern

Level Up Feature

Last but not least, we have to mention the thrill factor that you get while you Play Sugar Pop. However, in this case, getting through the special levels has to be considered a thrill factor. As mentioned in the beginning, the winning combos can go any which way, which means more possibilities for wins with Sugar Pop. Each successful combo will fill up the meter to the right of the reels, taking you to the next level. Players will automatically level up during normal gameplay. On the right side of the screen is your level up meter. You will fill this meter by landing winning combinations. In total there are 5 different “candy” worlds to play and a maximum of 30 levels.

Thrill Factor
Level Up Feature

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