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French Open Odds, Info and Records

French Open or officially known as Roland Garros is an annual major tennis tournament. As the name suggests, Roland Garros takes place in Paris, France. It’s one of the four Grand Slam tournaments which is why French Open Odds are very attractive to sport bettors.

This is the only big tournament that’s played on clay. That means the gameplay is very slow and the best-of-five-set men’s singles matches ruling, Roland Garros is considered to be the hardest and and most physically demanding tennis tournament in the world. For the best French Open betting odds, head over to our Bitcoin Sportsbook.

French Open Odds

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The History of Roland Garros

There are two tournaments that are believed to be the predecessors to the French Open. The first one was known as the French Championships and it was held since 1891. However, only French nationals were allowed to participate in that tournament. Nevertheless, more people believe that the French Open and the odds it comes with originated from the World Hard Court Championships tournament.

The reason for that is because unlike the first one, international participants were allowed in the above mentioned tournament. Still the idea of a French Open rose much later. After France won the Davis Cup on American soil in 1927, they had to prepare next year’s tournament in France. The country offered the tennis authorities some land to build a court. Their only request was that the court receives the name after the World War I pilot, Roland Garros. With time, and in the years after the World War II, Roland Garros became one of the Grand Slams.

Several changes have been made to the tournament since then which is why people love to bet on French Open Odds. All tennis players want to win because it’s a huge achievement. This is especially true for the ones who are not quite comfortable playing on clay. To learn more about the tournament and French Open Odds, check their website.

French Open Format

The tournament is formatted through series of draws that are based on the table standings of each tennis player. This is done for both men’s singles and doubles as well as women’s singles and doubles. Additionally, there are three rounds of qualifications for the worst placed players. Tons of matches get to be played which is why French Open Odds are so popular to gamblers.

The main event is divided into 7 rounds, with the final being the last one. The competition has 4 groups, each with 32 participants. The 4 best tennis players are leaders of each group, which means they won’t be able to meet each other until the very end of the tournament.

French Open Betting

Moneyline Betting

The most popular bet type when it comes to tennis is always the moneyline bet. It’s the same as Football’s 1X2 betting; however, there can be no draw outcome in tennis. Below you can see how moneyline bets look on French Open Odds.

French Open Odds
French Open Odds

Set Handicap & Over/Under Bets

Besides moneyline betting, there is other use for French Open Odds. The most common sports betting is handicap bets, and they can be applied here. More experienced bettors take advantage of Set Handicap bets. The odds are also much higher, compared to moneyline bets.

Set Handicap & Over/Under Bets
Set Handicap & Over/Under Bets

Last but not least, we have the most common over/under bets where gamblers can pick if a certain match will go over or under the given amount of sets. This is best used when the two tennis players are evenly matched and the moneyline bet could be risky. To learn more about the all the different bet types, check out our blog.

Bitcoin Sports Betting on French Open

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