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Scottish Premiership Odds, and Records

The Scottish Premiership is the top division of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL). Due to licensing rights, it’s known as the Ladbrokes Premiership. This league was reformed and renamed in July 2013. It happened when the SPFL was formed by a merger of the Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League. There are 12 teams in the division and all the Scottish Premiership odds are connected to them. Since 2013-2014, 16 teams have featured in the league. Celtic are the current champions and they are basically the only team that has been champions in the current league. To learn more about the Premiership, visit their official website.

Scottish Premiership Betting Odds

Scottish Premiership Logo
Scottish Premiership Logo

Above this article you will find the latest Scottish Premiership betting odds from, an online bitcoin sports betting and casino operator. Furthermore, for each match, you will find a + sign to the right. Clicking on it will open up all the markets and show all Premiership odds for a specific match.

Scottish Premiership History

Before the Premiership existed, Scotland’s top flight was known as the Scottish Premier Division. It existed from 1975 until 1998 and most often featured 11 clubs. What was interesting is that they had a league model where 44 games per year were played. That was a lot of Scottish Premiership odds and markets; however, it wasn’t optimal. Each team had to play against the same team four times during the season. This was way too much which is why changes were required.

The top flight of Scottish football has contained 12 clubs since the 2000–01 season, the longest period without change in the history of the Scottish football league system. During those years, which also continues right now, a split format is used for the league. We will explain that in detail below. While talking about the Scottish league, we have to mention that even though they are part of the United Kingdom, their footballing world is completely separated from England.

Nevertheless, even though the league is strong and the Scottish Premiership odds are popular, it still pales in comparison with the English Premier League. However, with Rangers returning to the Premiership scene in full power, the Scottish League is about to improve drastically.

Scottish Premiership Format

The Scottish top flight has 12 teams competing in it. Each team is supposed to play against each other 3 times in the initial part of the season. Two of those games will be at home, one away, and vice versa. That totals 33 matches in the first phase. Winning a match gets teams 3 points, while a draw gives both sides just 1 point. The team with most points at the end of the season is crowned champions. The best Scottish Premiership odds and markets can be found when two of the strongest sides play against each other. However, the league is a bit more complicated because of the split format.

The Split

After the first phase where the initial 33 matches are played, the league is divided in two. The top half and the bottom half, each containing 6 teams. Each club proceeds to play a further five matches, one against each of the other five teams in their own section. Points achieved during the first phase of 33 matches are carried forward to the second phase, but the teams compete only within their own sections during the second phase. The Scottish Premiership odds during the second phase are really popular with bettors.

The bottom placed Premiership club gets relegated to the Scottish Championship. The champion in that league replaces takes that team’s spot in the top flight. However, the promoted team has to satisfy Premiership entry criteria. The Premiership club in eleventh place plays the Championship play-off winners over two legs, with the winner earning the right to play in the Scottish Premiership the following season. This means that it’s possible for two Premiership clubs to get relegated.

Scottish Premiership odds also depend on the European glory the teams manage. For the 2019–20 season, the top placed team in the Scottish Premiership gains qualification to the Champions League first qualifying round, whilst the second and third placed teams enter the Europa League at the first qualifying round stage. The Scottish Cup winner gets the last Europa League spot.

What if two or more teams have the same points at the end of the season?

After the split happens, it’s very hard for something like this to happen. However, it is possible and if it happens. head-to-head results are taken into account for the champion to be decided. If this is also a tie, the next factor is the goal difference. However, something like that hasn’t happened yet.

Scottish Premiership Betting Odds

Handicap Betting odds

The difference between the top sides in the Scottish Premier League and the others is quite big. That’s why when they meet the regular Scottish Premiership 1X2 odds are quite low. For that reason, we suggest placing handicap bets which will increase the odds when betting on favorites. Check our blog to learn more about handicap betting.

Scottish Premiership handicap odds
Handicap Betting

Scottish Premiership HT/FT Betting odds

This is another bet type which can be used to improve on your favorite bet. For instance, if a regular 1X2 bet for a Celtic win is too low, you can strengthen the bet by adding that Celtic will be leading in the first half and will win at the end. This way the Scottish Premiership odds will be higher. Check HT/FT betting on our blog for more information.

HT/FT Betting
HT/FT Betting

Both Teams to Score Betting

Contrary to the type of bets above, you can use BTTS bets when two strong sides are playing against each other. This would be in the group of good Scottish Premiership odds in the case when Celtic is playing against Rangers. The chances that both teams will score will be rather big. To learn more about Both Teams to Score betting head over to our blog.

Scottish Premiership BTTS betting odds
Both Teams to Score Betting

Scottish Premiership Records

Most Championships

Rangers hold this record with 54 titles in total. Celtic are in second spot with 50. However, since the league was changed into the Scottish Premiership in 2014, Celtic have been the only champions.

Most Consecutive Championships

In this category we have a tie between Rangers and Celtic. They each had a run of 9 consecutive titles. Celtic between 1965 – 1974 while Rangers between 1989 – 1997. This means during most of the existence of the league, Scottish Premiership odds were all about these two teams.

Highest Scoring Player

The record for the highest scoring player in the Scottish Premiership goes to Jimmy McGrory. During his career, he scored 410 goals in the top flight.

Scottish Premiership Odds and Betting Information

Even though the Scottish Premiership is often ranked around the 20th place in the world, it’s still very popular. It has markets and odds that are very intriguing for experienced bettors. A lot of matches end with high scores which is perfect for certain gamblers. You can check our Bitcoin Casino to find the best markets and Premiership odds. However, it offers much more than that.

The Coinbet24 bitcoin sportsbook offers a broad selection of betting types when it comes to these leagues. You will find all standard bet types like HT/FT, handicap, moneyline bets, correct score betting, totals, both teams to score, etc. We also offer a wide selection of fantastic special offers.

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