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WNBA Odds, Information and Records

WNBA is the biggest competition when it comes to Women’s basketball. The NBA governing body approved this concept back in 1996 and the first WNBA league began in 1997. The league has been growing steadily and now WNBA odds are just as popular as the odds from other basketball games. The 23rd season just started and WNBA lines can be found on our Bitcoin Sportsbook.


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The History of WNBA


As we mentioned above, WNBA wasn’t created until 1996 and the first official league started on June 1997. Even though there was a women’s league before the WNBA, it wasn’t nearly as popular. The reason why WNBA and WNBA odds are more popular than any other women’s sport is because the league had the backing of the NBA.

It all started with an advertisement that was called “We Got Next” and it ran every year before the start of the league. With time it was replaced with a different campaign, known as “We Got Game”. At the beginning, Houston had the dominant WNBA team. The Houston Comets won the first four Championships and the WNBA odds were overlooked by bettors. Read more about WNBA on their official site.

However, with the rise of popularity more teams entered the fold and the existing ones became more competitive. Right now 12 teams are part of it and the Seattle Storm is the strongest squad. With the league start perfectly aligned with the end of the NBA league, WNBA odds and line will be among the most popular ones for tons of sports bettors.

WNBA Format

The league has 12 teams separated into 2 divisions. Since 2016, each team plays 4 times against one side in their division. Against the other 4 teams, they play only 3 games. With the teams in the other division, they always play 3 games. At the end of the regular season, 8 teams that have the best records, regardless of the division, get to participate in the play-offs. Just like with the NBA, the WNBA odds for said playoffs are very popular with bettors. The semi-finals and finals of the series are played in a best-of-five-format.

WNBA Betting

When it comes to WNBA betting and odds, the most popular bet type is match result betting. commonly known as 1X2. Additionally, a good option is handicap betting (including OT) as you can see on the example below.

WNBA odds
WNBA Betting Odds

Moneyline WNBA Betting Odds

Similar to 1X2 betting, moneyline bets are actually better suited for basketball games. It removes the draw option so you would essentially bet on a victory for a certain team. You can win even if the game ends with a draw in regular time. The moneyline WNBA odds are a bit lower than 1X2 because you can still win the bet in overtime. To learn more about other match betting types, head over to our blog.

WNBA Records

Most Championships

Two WNBA teams hold the record of most championships won. The Houston Comets and the Minnesota Lynx have four titles each. However, Houston Comets are the only team who has won four titles in a row.

Most Consecutive Wins in a Single WNBA Season

Some great WNBA odds were scored by bettors in the 2014 season. This is especially true for the ones who were continuously backing the Phoenix Mercury team. They hold the record for most consecutive wins in one season. They had 29 wins in the 2014 season.

Most Average Points Scored in One Season

The Phoenix Mercury team in the season of 2010 had the highest average points scored per game. They scored an average of 93.9 points during the whole season.

Highest Scoring Individual

Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury holds the record for most points scored in the WNBA. Bettors love to bet on WNBA odds and lines that include her because Diana is one of the best basketball players in the world. She has been with the Mercuries since 2004 and her record is 8549 points.

Highest Assist Maker

This record belongs to Sue Bird from the Seattle Storm. In her vast WNBA career, Sue has made 2831 assists.

WNBA Sports Betting and Odds

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