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Our Bitcoin Casino presents Betsoft’s Return to Paris slot, a title with 5 reels and 20 paylines. They say the robbers who can get away become filthy rich. Then what would be the case of the robbers who escape after stealing the priceless paintings and art pieces? They would be rich beyond belief till at least the police catch up. This has intrigued the game developers for a long time to develop interesting free slot games to play online. Betsoft has come up with a 5-reel, 20-pay line game of Return to Paris where from the robber has stolen valuables of national heritage. This robber has stolen Mona Lisa and other esteemed paintings, and everyone knows these are priceless. This free casino slot machine to play online is available for playing on any device of your choice, desktop or mobile phone. Play Return to Paris and Win Big!


Many hail Paris as the city of romance, but that’s not why we’re here. It’s the sequel to the smash slots hit a Night in Paris. The central theme of Return to Paris is about a pesky bank robber that robs the world’s top museum’s treasures. Let’s just say they become vulnerable to our crafty thief’s sticky fingers. The question is, will you help him loot the museum’s treasure? You can take off with Stolen Treasures, Wild Explosions, and Free Spins. Basically, a cohesive bonus package. Return to Paris slot machine has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 20 paylines. The volatility is medium and the jackpot is 1,056x. That makes Return to Paris slot ideal for clearing a casino bonus wagering requirements. It gets better from here on end too. Play Return to Paris and take advantage of all the bonus features it comes with.

Return to Paris Stakes

When it comes to wagers, they can be as little as 0.20 per spin, all the way up to 50.00 per spin. However, this title doesn’t give an option for the coin size to be changed. While you play Return to Paris, the button to control the stakes will be right below the reels. Unfortunately, in this title, the paylines can’t be controlled as all 20 remain active during the gameplay.

For instance, this slot game features 20 paylines and in order to calculate your winnings, you need to look at the following formula:

coin size x bet per line x 20 = total winnings.

Return to Paris Paylines

The Return to Paris slot has 20 paylines with a classic distribution. The paylines are fixed as there is no button to control them. This means that the players can’t set the gameplay to a desired number of active paylines. All of them will remain active throughout the whole game. However, playing all the lines on the maximum bet could lead to a win of over 1,056x the stake.

Play Return to Paris Payouts

Right below the reels, you will notice an “i” button where all the payouts are revealed. Here are the highest paylines that each symbol line can offer. Play Return to Paris and you will understand them all really quickly.

Play Return to Paris Payouts
Return to Paris Payouts

Play Return to Paris Bonus Features

The bonus package and visual arrangement of Return to Paris are simply fantastic. Hunting down thieves in the streets of midnight Paris is as exciting as it sounds. Betsoft’s intention with Return to Paris is not about what you can win. Instead, how much fun you can have. The hit frequency made sure our bankroll never ran out of juice. The wins were small except for a few diamond wins of 6x the stake. On top of that, this fantastic slot comes with a couple of bonus features. There is a wild that substitutes for symbols but also triggers a bonus feature. Additionally, there is an excellent gameplay feature and free spins as the main attraction. Play Return to Paris and take advantage of the bonus features.

Gameplay Feature

When the thief comes into any position, he will steal a random symbol adjacent to him. He will add it secretly to his stash and increase its value by 1 multiplier. He is a sly fellow, and so he will sneakily replace the same with another symbol. The policeman has to be one step ahead of him. So, he returns the stolen piece to the museum, thereby resetting its value by a 1x multiplier reward. You can even have a policeman and a thief at the same time. But will it be so easy when the most wanted criminal and a cop are together? This is where the wild feature of Return to Paris comes to play as it brings the thief and the officer together.

Play Return to Paris Gameplay Feature
Gameplay Feature

Play Return to Paris Wild Feature

Whenever the special Thief symbol appears on the reels he’ll steal a close symbol. The game’s engine adds it to his collection and you’ll see it below the reels. Furthermore, a random symbol replaces the Thief and doesn’t work as a blocker. The Policeman symbol returns treasures back to their rightful owners. It also offers a cash prize with a potential win multiplier! Should Thief and Cop Symbols appear next to each other, a huge explosion occurs and transforms all adjacent symbols into Wild Icons. Similar features can be found in other Betsoft titles. Play Return to Paris and win huge prizes through the wild symbol.

Wild Feature
Wild Feature

Free Spins Feature

Last but not least, we have to mention the best feature that the Return to Paris slot has to offer. It’s quite obvious that free spins are the favorite feature for every player. For that reason, this casino game has a whole bonus round dedicated to free spins. Since it’s the best feature, we have to call it the Thrill Factor. Below, we will explain this feature in detail.

Play Return to Paris Free Spins Feature
Free Spins Feature

Land 3 Mona Lisa Scatters on the center reels and you’ll trigger the Free Spins Feature. There’s no set number of free spins here. You’ll start with one Thief symbol and one Policeman symbol in opposite corners. With each free spin, they’ll randomly move across the reels. During the free spins, the Thief symbol continues to grab symbols. The free spins continue until the symbols are adjacent to each other. The Policeman symbol returns all the stolen symbols for a big win! Finally, the policeman catches the thief, and that’s when this stops. You can easily get as many as 1000 free spins, and finally, as a climax, the policeman returns all the stolen jewels to the museum. Each of the symbols gets its values reset to 1x, and we return to the base game.

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