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Our Bitcoin Casino presents Amatic’s Aztec Emerald slot, a title with 5 reels and 50 paylines. The Aztec culture has been the inspiration for many online slots through the years. One such slot is Aztec Emerald, a new edition from Amatic Industries. What we know about the Aztec civilization is that they were excellent at cutting valuable gems. Those gems were then added to various vestments like necklaces, amulets, and bracelets. Among the gems, the emerald was the one that attracted the most attention. This is where Amatic got their inspiration and created this amazing classic slot. It follows their way of creating online slots but the graphics are vastly improved from their last games. When it comes to bonus features, they are lacking as with most titles from this developer. Play Aztec Emerald, enjoy the unique gameplay and try to win the highest prizes in the game.


Just like most Amatic titles, Aztec Emerald offers a 5×4 grid with 50 active paylines. Keep in mind that the paylines can’t be controlled and will remain active during the whole gameplay. It’s a classic slot but has quite the unique theme and the graphics are much better than what we would expect from this developer. When it comes to bonus features, players will enjoy wilds and a special round that offers free spins. On top of that, the payouts in the game are quite good as the maximum win is 3,000x the stake. With the maximum bet set at 3000 coins, a 3000x the stake win can lead to a very lucrative reward. We also have to mention that the RTP is 97.16% which is considerably higher than the industry average. Play Aztec Emerald and take advantage of the bonus features it comes with.

Aztec Emerald Stakes

When it comes to wagers, they can be as little as 50 coins per spin, all the way up to 3,000 coins per spin. However, this title doesn’t give an option for the coin size to be changed. While you play Aztec, the button to control the stakes will be on the bottom left, right below the reels. Unfortunately, in this title, the paylines can’t be controlled as all 50 remain active during the gameplay.

For instance, this slot game features 50 paylines and in order to calculate your winnings, you need to look at the following formula:

coin size x bet per line x 50 = total winnings.

Aztec Emerald Paylines

The Aztec Emerald slot has 50 paylines with a classic distribution. The paylines are fixed and the Lines button doesn’t have a function. This means that the players can’t set the gameplay at any number of paylines. All 50 of them will remain active during the whole game. However, playing all the lines on the maximum bet can lead to a 3,000x the stake wins.

Aztec Emerald Payouts

In the right corner, right next to the reels, you will notice a “?” button where all the payouts are revealed. Here are the highest paylines that each symbol line can offer. Play Aztec Emerald and you will understand them all really quickly.

Play Aztec Emerald Payouts

Play Aztec Emerald Features and Bonuses

Even though Aztec Emerald is a classic slot, it still comes with two bonus features which is highly unusual for these Amatic titles. First, there is a wild which is used to substitute for symbols but it also does much more than that. Additionally, there is an emerald symbol which improves the use of the wild even further. It’s a gameplay feature which we will explain below. Last but not least, there is a bonus symbol which is the main symbol of the game because it’s used to trigger free spins. The free spins round has something extra that comes with it as well; however, we will talk more about that in our Thrill Factor section. Play Aztec Emerald and take advantage of all these bonus features.

Wild Feature & Emerald

The interesting thing about the wild symbol in Aztec Emerald is that it doesn’t actually appear in a normal way on the reels. It doesn’t count among the symbols with a paytable. There are two ways to trigger it and the first one involves the emerald symbol. Whenever the emerald appears on the reels, it frames it’s position and remains on the screen. You will notice on the top of the screen, above the reels, that there is a bar that counts spins. Every 12th spin, all the emerald symbols that appeared on the reels within those 12 spins will turn into wilds. As such they will be used to substitute for all symbols except the bonus symbol. After the emeralds turn into wilds, the spin counter on the top will reset.

Play Aztec Emerald Wild Feature & Emerald
Wild Feature & Emerald

The second way of triggering wilds is through the free spins feature which can be triggered by the pyramid bonus symbol. However, more about that in the Thrill Factor section below. Amatic as a developer often add these types of features to their slots. Play Aztec Emerald and try to trigger as many wilds as possible.

Free Spins Feature

The bonus symbol of the game is an Aztec pyramid that has the word Bonus on it. At least three of them are needed to trigger the free spins feature. However, that’s not all because when the feature is triggered, players get to make a choice.

  • 3 Bonus Symbols – Players can pick between 5 spins/10 wilds; 10 spins/7 wilds; 15 spins/5 wilds.
  • 4 Bonus Symbols – Players can pick between 10 spins/10 wilds; 20 spins/7 wilds; 30 spins/5 wilds.
  • 5 Bonus Symbols – Players can pick between 15 spins/10 wilds; 30 spins/7 wilds; 45 spins/5 wilds.

As we can see, the highest reward is 45 free spins with 5 wilds or 15 free spins with 10 wilds. The choice won’t be easy to make for most players but depending on the sort of gameplay you are after, it will be obvious whether the free spins or the wilds will make a bigger impact on your game. Keep in mind that the selected number of wilds move on each spin to a random position. Last but not least, we have to mention that the bonus symbol also has the highest paytable of the game. So, not only will it give you spins/wilds it will also give you a huge win. Play Aztec Emerald and win as many free spins and wilds as possible.

Free Spins Feature
Free Spins Feature

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