Bitcoin Dice Games

Dice games are activities where one or more dice are used as the main component. For instance, a lot of casino games use dice. However, not all of them fall in this category. In some of them the dice are just means to control the outcome. For instance, one game that is a part of this category is the game Craps. At one point in casino history, it was the most popular game.

Most of these games can be divided into several categories. Some are progression games and some are category games. Nevertheless most dice games can be considered “luck” events. Similarly to a coin toss, you roll the dice and hope for the best outcome. However, with time dice games were replaced by video poker and online slots. Nevertheless, Coinbet24 as a bitcoin casino operator has not forgotten players who enjoy dice games.

Coinbet24 Dice Games

If you visit the dice games section, you will notice the Scratch Dice game. It’s like a lottery game where you buy a dice ticket and then scratch it too see whether you have gotten a winning dice combination. Basically, it’s a game of online scratchcards. You need to get three of the same dice for the maximum award. Normally, three 6’s would give out the best award. For instance, three 5’s work as a sporting event with odds of 30.0. So, if you bet $1 and get three 5’s, you will win $30.

The game is extremely simple and perfect for bettors who want to relax and play a nice lottery dice game. Visit the Coinbet24 online bitcoin casino and check out Scratch Dice in the dice games section. Keep in mind that you can play this game with bitcoin as well. Additionally, visit our blog to learn more about dice games and their origins.