Sport is a word that describes a competitive physical or mental activity or a game. It can be with casual or organised participation Sport is a word that describes a competitive physical or mental activity or a game. It can be with casual or organised participation with the aim to improve upon said physical or mental skills. These activities provide entertainment for the participants and sometimes for spectators. Hundreds of sports exist in the world right now. In some of them teams compete against each other while in others it’s one versus one competitions.

Sports Intro
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Some sports are more popular than others because a lot of people watch them every day. For instance, millions of people watch football, basketball, tennis, American football, hockey, baseball, etc. This is what makes competitions in these sports so important to the world. Watching sporting events can be very exciting and fulfilling. Nevertheless, sporting events have been a part of the world since prehistoric times. Keep reading to learn more about sports and the history behind it.


Artifacts and structures suggest sport in China as early as 2000 BC. Gymnastics appears to have been popular in China’s ancient past. Monuments to the Pharaohs indicate that a number of activities, including swimming and fishing, were well-developed and regulated several thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. Other Egyptian events included javelin throwing, high jump, and wrestling. An Ancient Persian activity such as the traditional Iranian martial art of Zourkhaneh had a close connection to warfare skills. Polo and Jousting were also popular in Ancient Persia.

Ancient sports
Ancient Olympic Games

By the time Ancient Greece was established a number of sports were already popular around the world. Thanks to the military culture at that time, participating in sports was very important to people. Also, a lot of wars were happening which made the people weary so the government organized such events to keep the people distracted. With time, this led to one of the greatest sporting events to ever exist, the Olympic Games. They were created in Ancient Greece and were held every four years in the village called Olympia.

It’s important to note that the tradition of holding Olympic Games has lived on since ancient times. The Olympic games take place all around the world today. They are held every four years and feature the oldest and most popular sporting events. In modern times, we even have two different Olympic Games. There are Summer and Winter Olympic games.

Sports and Fair Play

Sportsmanship is something that is very important, regardless of the sport. Fair play towards opponents and team mates is required from all participants. Integrity and grace must be present both in victory and defeat. Depending on the sport, there are different ways that cheating is handled. In some team sports, a player might be punished for foul play or for anything that is considered cheating. In others, participants can get disqualified for cheating.

Nevertheless, things like doping, drugs, and violence is what always gets a player disqualified. This is true regardless of the sport in question. It’s important to note that acting fair is also expected from the people who are watching. For instance, a football match might have up to 100 000 people watching on the football field. Without proper restrain, control and fairness, each match would turn into a war. Spectators were a problem in ancient times but as sports improved, they way spectators acted improved as well. The worse thing that happens these days is if a very strong fan runs in the field to make contact with his/her hero.

Sports and Sports Betting

As sports evolved, gambling or betting came into place. Even in ancient times, spectators would bet each other on the outcome of a certain event. At the moment, anyone can place a bet on almost every sporting event. There are land based shops and casinos where this can be done. However, the real art betting can be found online, with online bookmakers. To learn more about this and how betting works check out our blog.

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Soccer is the most popular sport to place wagers on worldwide.


Basketball is definitely right after football in popularity. People love placing wagers on the NBA


Tennis is very popular for live betting and matches are typically all day.

Ice Hockey

Both European ice hockey and NHL betting offer a long range of betting opportunities.


There are a number of high quality handball leagues around Europe perfect for betting.

American Football

NFL and college football is a popular betting sport during the season, ending with the Super Bowl.


A sport which is popular in England, Denmark and most of Asia.


During the Winter season, slalom, downhill, ski jumping and much more are offered for betting.


Van Gerwen, Michael Smith and Gary Anderson play dart tournaments all year, finishing with the World Championship in December.