Totals betting in Tennis holds the simplest bets in this betting category. You can bet on whether the games in a set will go over or under a certain number or you can bet on total sets – over/under. These are the only bets that are part of this category. However, there can be different versions. For instance, over under total games can be for the whole tennis match, or for each set separately. Additionally, you can bet on over/under the total games for each player separately. It’s the same when it comes to the sets.

Totals betting on the sets can be either over/under the total number of sets in a match, or individually for each player. Moreover, the odd/even bet is present here as well. For this bet, you need to add the number of sets and see whether the final outcome is an odd or an even number. However, in this article we will only focus on the total sets – over/under bets and explain them in detail.

What is the Over/Under in Tennis

An over/under bet in tennis is a bet on how many sets the match will take to complete. As is customary with over/under bets, you aren’t required to pick a winner; you only have to pick the duration of the match correctly. In a three match format, you’ll have the option of betting over or under 2.5 sets.

What does this mean in simpler terms? You are either going to bet that the match ends in straight sets by taking the under 2.5 sets, or you are going to bet that the match takes three sets by betting the over 2.5 sets. Straight sets would be two sets, which is under 2.5. Three sets is, well, three sets, which is over 2.5 sets. As you can see, the total sets – over/under category is extremely simple.

One thing that is different than some other sports you may have made over/under bets on is that the payout odds will be shifted some and will not pay out even money on both sides of the bet. If the match is predicted to end in straight sets, expect to get paid better if you correctly pick the over and vice versa.

Total Sets – Over/Under Example

This bet type is very popular when betting on a winner is risky. When you have two players that are somewhat equal in quality. The total sets – over/under bet offers a safer option and in most cases much larger odds. For instance, lets look at an ATP Wien tournament between Tsitsipas and Dimitrov. These are players that are of equal standing; however, at the moment Tsitsipas is considered a favorites. The odds for him winning the match sit at 1.42. Chances are that he will win the match but it’s not a certainty. Since tennis experts believe he will win easily, he is expected to do it in straight sets and win 2:0.

However, we believe that Dimitrov is more than capable of at least winning one set in this game. So, if we look at the total sets – over/under bet, the odds for this game going Over 2.5 sets are at 2.52. This is much bigger than the 1.42 odds on a victory for Tsitsipas. To make things even better, the Over 2.5 sets outcome probably has a bigger statistical change of happening. Below you can see all the markets and odds for this game and see how the odds compare to the totals set betting.

Total Sets - Over/Under
Total Sets – Over/Under

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