Total score over/under is probably the most well-known Totals Betting market. Above all, the objective of this bet type is for the player to guess the total number of goals, points or other score in the match. Football, basketball, ice hockey are popular sports for offering this bet type.

Over/Under lines

When looking at odds for a particular sports event, you will often be presented with the over/under market, which may be named Game total, over/under, total score, total goals, total points or something else.

This bet type gives some options for which over/under line you want to bet for the match. In football the 2.5 line is very popular betting item and offered by almost all bookmakers. For such a line you can pace a wager on either over 2.5 goals or less than 2.5 goals.

It works exactly the same way for ice hockey, basketball, baseball etc. The only difference is that the lines offered will be different. Also, Ice hockey the lines are typically around 4.5 to 7.5, while basketball more in the range of 150 to 250, which depends primarily on the league.

Split ball total score lines

Split ball lines for are similar to the Asian handicap lines and works with quarter balls, so you are able to wager on over/under 2.00, 2.25, 2.50 and 2.75.

Betting over/under on the 2.50 line will always leave a clear result, while the other cases needs some explanation. This is why over/under 2.50 is usually a favorite when it comes to sports betting.

Simple goal line handicap (whole ball)

As example, we have used the 2.00 line. We have made the table below to explain payouts, that will occur when betting on this line.


The table shows you a special case, when the match results in exactly 2 goals. Wagers on both over and under will result in a refund of all stakes. Therefore, you will neither win nor lose with this outcome.

Refund option is also known as a “push”.

Half ball goal handicap line

Half ball handicap is probably the most well-known handicap line for total score, which often features as over/under 2.5 goals in football. We will use this example in the table below to explain the payout, that will happen for this line.


If the match ends 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2 or 1-1, then bets placed on under 2.5 goals will receive payout of stake times odds offered. Therefore, any other result on the 2.5 line will result in the over selection to win.

In conclusion, half ball handicap will always have a winning and losing side to the bet.

Quarter ball goals handicap lines

Betting on total score over/under 2.25 goals in a match might seem strange, since the result will be either 0, 1, 2, 3 goals. One could argue that 2 goals are less than 2.25 and should be the winner, but this is not the case for this handicap line. However, to understand, you should begin by thinking of your half of you bet placed on 2.00 line and the other half on 2.50 line.

Quarter ball handicap lines are the most difficult lines to understand for this bet type. We will look at over/under 2.25 and 2.75 in the example below.

Coupon with total score over 2.75
Coupon with over/under 2.75

Example over/under 2.25 goals

2Half bet lost
Half bet refund
Half bet won
Half bet refund

Let us say that you wager a 100 units on odds 1.80 for under 2.25 goals in a match, and the match ends 1-1, a total score of 2 goals. Based on this, your winnings will be calculated like this: 50 x 1.80 (winning part) + 50 (refunded part) = 140

Example with over/under 2.75 goals

If we look at the 2.75 goal line, then the payout will look like this.

3Half bet won
Half bet refund
Half bet lost
Half bet refund

To continue the example from before, we have now placed a bet on under 2.75 goals in a match at odds 1.80. When the match result shows 3 goals at the end whistle. Therefore, the payout will be calculated as follows: 50 (refund) + 0 (losing part) = 50. In other words, this will result in half of your stake returned to you.

Sports offering over/under markets

Sports, which usually offers the over/under bet type are football, basketball, ice hockey, american football, rugby and handball. For example, similar markets are offered for tennis, badminton, volleyball and others. Similarly, these betting options are called something like “total sets” or “total game points”.

Other total score markets

This bet type in general is offered in some variations, like total score for the individual teams or total score for first half, quarter, period etc.

Payouts and structure of the variations will be same as in the examples described on this page, because the bet type is identical. The difference is the result on which the wager is settled will be calculated on some other criteria.

Total score and overtime

When you place wagers on total score over/under market, you must pay attention to the rules of the bookmaker for this specific bet type and sport. For instance, most American sports takes overtime into consideration, when the final result is calculated.

Taking overtime into account is very important for some sports, especially ice hockey. Also, if you have placed a bet on under 4.5 goals in an NHL match, then you will never win, if the ordinary time ends 2-2. In conclusion, any draw will result in overtime and thereby minimum one extra goal scored.

Sports in European leagues like basketball EuroLeague will usually use the full time result excluding overtime to settle wagers on total score over/under market. However, most bookmakers will use final result after overtime in US sports and leagues to determine the winners and losers of this bet type.