As part of the totals category, team totals betting is oriented towards individual bets for each team. There are only two categories, home team and away team totals. This means that you get to decide whether a team will score over/under a certain amount of goals in football.

However, team totals betting can be used in any sport. However, besides football it’s mostly used in basketball, ice hockey, American football, handball, etc. Additionally, these bets can be done for just a single half, or a single quarter, etc. To learn more about this bet type, keep reading this review.

Team Totals Betting in Sports

In football, team totals offers a couple of lines. You can bet on over/under the number of goals for each team. For instance, home team scores over 2.5 goals, or away team scores under 1.5 goals. Additionally, you can do the same just for one half. For example, home team scored over 1.5 goals in the first half or away team scores under 1.5 goals in the second half. However, these bets have much higher odds than the first ones.

However, there are other sports where team totals betting can be used. In sports betting, it’s mostly done for basketball, American football, and handball. It works exactly like in football as you get to bet over/under a certain amount of goals/points that a team could score. Additionally, for basketball, you could even bet on over/under for just one quarter. Same goes for individual thirds in a hockey match.

How to Place a Bet

To the right we will show a couple of examples so you know exactly how team totals betting looks in action. First, a UEFA qualification football game between Austria and Slovenia. The bet we are showing is home team over 1.25 goals. On the other hand, lets have a look at the championship games in the NBA between Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors. We will be betting on the away team to score over 103.5 points (including OT)

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