Totals betting is definitely the most popular type of sports betting. That’s completely normal, since this bet category can be used in a variety of sports. Additionally, it’s one of the biggest betting categories out there, which is perfect for professional bettors.

Totals Betting
Totals Betting

To make it easier to explain totals betting, we will be dividing the categories according to the sports where they are used. The most common ones are football, basketball, American football, and tennis. Moreover, this bet type can be used for sports like ice hockey, handball, rugby, baseball, etc. Below we will separate them in categories, and explain accordingly.

Totals Betting in Football

Football is the most used sport when it comes to totals betting, since it holds the most popular over/under bets. When it comes to football, there are several bets that apply:

  • Total Score – Over/Under
  • Total Corners – Over/Under
  • Final Score – Odd/Even
  • Totals Free Kicks Betting – Over/Under
  • Total Offsides – Over/Under
  • Penalties – Over/Under
  • Yellow/Red Cards – Over/Under
  • Total Throw ins – Over/Under

These are the most important bets that are a part of totals betting. Both beginners and experienced bettors use the above mentioned bets as much as possible.

Total Score – Over/Under & Odd/Even

Total score is the simplest bet and it has two separate categories. The bookmaker will set up various possible lines and you will bet whether the final score will be over or under the given amount. For instance, the bet says 2.5 goals and you bet over. This means that a minimum of three goals have to be scored for you to win the bet.

The other totals betting type in this category is whether the total score will be odd or even. This is very easy as the only thing you need to decide is if the match will end in an odd number or an even number. To figure out if you got it right, just add the goals together and see whether the number you got is odd or even.

Total Corners, Free Kicks, Throw ins, Offsides, Penalties, Cards

Instead of betting on several matches, you can pick one and make several choices for it. Totals betting allows you to do exactly that. You can pick any game and just bet on over/under corners, free kicks, and throw ins. Additionally, you can bet whether on over/under offsides, yellow or red cards, and penalties. Keep in mind that the bookmaker will set various lines for all these categories. The odds will vary depending on who is playing and what’s the likest outcome.

For instance, an attacking team like Barcelona always causes the opponent to concede a lot of corners. In that case, totals betting will have the over/under corners base betting line much higher than other games. To get high odds for that match, you will need to bet on something like over 14.5 total corners.

Total 180’s – Over/Under

This is a very rare bet in the totals betting category which can only be found in over-2 games tournaments. For instance, Champions League games after the group stages are 2 matches for a winner to be named. The above mentioned bet is for such games. Two matches, 90 minutes each and you can decide the over/under goals for both matches. The bet will be bigger than a regular over/under bet. Instead of something like over/under 2.5, it will be over/under 5.5.

Totals Betting in Basketball

Similarly to football, totals betting in basketball is mostly oriented around the number of scored points. However, there are some other categories that have to be mentioned:

  • Total Points – Over/Under
  • Assists – Over/Under
  • Rebounds – Over/Under

The total points category is much bigger than it seems. You can bet on over/under a certain number of points for the whole match. However, you can also bet on over/under half-time points, over/under points for each quarter, and over/under points separately for each team.

It’s the same for the other above mentioned categories. Totals betting assists can be for the total number of assists in the whole match or for each team individually. Additionally, you can be on over/under assists for each player separately. The same thing goes for the rebounds or any other category that might be offered as a totals bet at a certain bookmaker. The rebounds can be for both teams, each team separately or for each player.

Last but not least, these totals betting categories in basketball can be combined with each other. For instance, you can bet on how many points, assists, and rebounds a certain player will score in a single match.

Tennis Betting

Tennis totals betting perhaps holds the simplest bets in this category. Here are some of the bets you can make:

  • Total Games – Over/Under
  • Total Sets – Over/Under & Odd/Even

These are the only bets that are part of this category. However, there can be different versions. For instance, over under total games can be for the whole tennis match, or for each set separately. Additionally, you can bet on over/under the total games for each player separately. It’s the same when it comes to the sets.

Totals betting with the sets can be either over/under the total number of sets in a match, or individually for each player. Moreover, the odd/even bet is present here as well. For this bet, you need to add the number of sets and see whether the final outcome is an odd or an even number.

American Football Betting

The biggest categories in totals betting, right after football can be found with American football. Here are the bets that are part of this category:

  • Total Field Goals – Over/Under
  • Total Free Kicks – Over/Under
  • Totals Betting Interceptions – Over/Under
  • Total Passing Yards – Over/Under
  • Penalty Kicks – Over/Under
  • Total Receiving Yards – Over/Under
  • Total Rushing Yards – Over/Under
  • Touch Downs – Over/Under
  • Total Sacks – Over/Under

As you can see the bets are very similar to the ones that are used for football. However, since there are more ways to score a goal in American football, there are additional bets for that. Lets separate them in two categories.

Total Field Goals, Free Kicks, Passing Yards, Penalty Kicks, Rushing Yards, and Touch Downs

All these totals betting categories are a part of the attacking play of American football. You can bet on over/under for all of them. The bookmaker will offer various lines for the field goals, free kicks, touch downs, etc. All the bettor needs to is to decide whether he wants to bet over or under. The odds grow depend on the match and how much you stray from the base line.

Total Interceptions, Receiving Yards, and Sacks

These totals betting categories, on the other hand, are part of the defensive play in American football. However, the bets work exactly the same as the ones mentioned above. For instance, the bettor can decide whether the number of sacks would be over or under the given amount. It’s important to note that all these bets are very hard to track. That’s why it’s important to find a bookmaker that has a good tracking system for any category you pick.

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