Talking about system bets and not mentioning the Heinz system is impossible. Maybe you’ve had a tin of baked beans before, even if you haven’t, we all know the American food company Heinz, also famous for its ketchup, which once over advertised the wonders of its “57 varieties of beans”. You won’t be surprised to hear this is where the Heinz bet – consisting of 57 bets combined – got its name. Even with the funny name, it is still one of the most appreciated systems used by betting professionals.

Heinz System bet
Heinz System Bet

Looking at 57 possible bets, a lot of people will believe that this system might be complicated. However, that’s not the case and below we will explain everything you need to know about this bet type. Its important to note that even though 6 events are involved, the Heinz bet requires only 2 correct outcomes to be winnable. Keep reading to find out more about this system bet.

What is a Heinz System Bet?

This betting system is referred to as a full cover system, as each selection is taken care of by trebles, six-fold accumulator, five-fold accumulators, fourfold accumulators, and double bets. The punter does not have any restriction when it comes to the winning lines. Receiving even a single double bet that succeeds will produce payout, although it may not be enough to cover the wager, which is often high in the case of the Heinz betting system. Here is how this bet type looks like.

BetNumber of Bets
Four Fold15
Five Fold6
Six Fold1

The positive thing about the Heinz system is that it holds a large number of bets but requires a minimum of 2 correct outcomes. That’s exactly like a Yankee bet which has just 11 bets in it. Players can win much more through a Heinz system. However, they have to pick the right events under the best odds. To make things clearer, we will present an example. We are going with football because that’s the most popular sport when it comes to sports betting. The example is from the Spanish La Liga.


  • Athletic Bilbao vs Real Sociedad – Away Side Victory – 2.45 odds.
  • Barcelona vs Huesca – Home Side Victory – 1.62 odds.
  • Celta vs Alaves – Home Side Victory – 2.30 odds.
  • Getafe vs Granada – Draw – 3.00 odds.
  • Real Madrid vs Osasuna – Home Side Victory – 1.44 odds.
  • Real Betis vs Sevilla – Home Side Victory – 2.05 odds.

To properly utilize a Heinz bet, some of the outcomes need to have higher than average odds. Now, remember, a Heinz is a combination of 57 bets; so where you’d normally place a £1 wager here it would equate to £57 (a pound on each outcome). In our example, a £57 Heinz bet can lead to a £874.3 if all the picks are correct. Now lets imagine that just 2 outcomes are guessed right. The Getafe match finishes a draw and Sociedad wins. Those are the 2 biggest odds. In this case, it will lead to £7.35 as winnings. That’s a loss of £50 but its still better than nothing. If you get even one outcome wrong in a simple six fold bet, you will lose the whole stake.

Reducing the Risk

In a regular six fold bet, if one of those outcomes doesn’t go your way, the bet is over and you lose the stakes. However, with a Heinz bet, you only need 2 outcomes to go your way for a winning bet. The amount will be lower but its still better thank getting nothing. Nevertheless, you may be looking at your Heinz and thinking: ‘hang on a minute; I could place the same amount on a six-fold and win more money!’ This is true because a £57 on a regular six-fold using our example will yield £4,608.

However, get one outcome wrong and you lose the full stake. With a Heinz, you have 57 possible combinations that could yield profit, and to guarantee a return on your investment you only need two of your six selections to win. This is known as ‘spreading risk’. If you make your picks wisely – as highlighted in the example above – then you should have plenty of profit-making potential at your disposal.

Where to place a Heinz Bet?

We already mentioned that you can place a Heinz bet on a lot of sports. However, you can get the most out of it on Football and Horse Racing. There is one problem though; Heinz bets on football are very limited. Most bookmakers allow a Heinz system only on match betting. This includes 1X2 bets, moneyline bets, Double Chance, H2H, and HT/FT bets. It takes out all the other types like goalscorer, outright, totals, handicap, and specials betting. However, an experienced player doesn’t really need more than match betting options when it comes to creating Heinz bets.

With a horse racing Heinz, you’d simply pick out six horses that you think are going to win their races. The combinations are than calculated in exactly the same way. It’s worth noting if you fancy playing a Heinz on the horses that you can also select an each way option. This once again multiplies your stake – you’d be up to £114 rather than £57 in the example above – but of course each way betting gives you a greater chance of a return.

Heinz System Conclusion


  • The advantage of a multiple bet system increases with the number of multiple bets. In the case of the Heinz 57 bet, the punter can bask on 57 different bets combining to provide the chance to enjoy huge wins.
  • With the right selection of odds, a punter can manage even six or seven figure wins on a stake of just £1 on each selection – meaning a total of £57 in stake.
  • Few betting systems will be able to provide such returns.


  • The combination bets always require at least two or more events to be successful and Heinz in betting game is no different. The punter will be able to get away with just two selections being successful, but the major wins are available with four or more wins.
  • The stake in the case of the Heinz betting system is substantially higher than when going with singles. Hence, the overall risk is also higher and this betting system is primarily meant for the experienced punter.

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