The Goliath System is pretty much the biggest system bet out there, just like the name suggests. Its a massive combination bet that has 247 bets spread over 8 selections. As you figured by now, the stakes for the Goliath bet are bigger than regular bets since you have to cover 247 outcomes. However, that’s exactly why this bet type can get you some serious wins.

Its important to remember that the Goliath System is not an accumulator bet which means you don’t have to get each selection right. As a matter of fact with 2 out of 8, you are already covering your stake. Anything above 2 correct selections and you are looking at a profit. Keep reading to learn more about Goliath betting.

What is a Goliath System Bet?

The Goliath System bet is simply a combination of 8 selections that can be placed on any sport. Nevertheless, horse racing is the sport where this bet offers the biggest value. All you need to do is pick 8 selections, in this case 8 races. When you choose those races, the bookmaker will enter all the possible permutations, which is exactly 247 bets.

Goliath System Bet
Goliath Bet Example

The Goliath bet is made up of 28 double bets, 56 trebles, 70 four-fold bets, 56 five-fold bets, 28 six-fold bets, 8 seven-fold bets, and 1 eight-fold bets. Essentially it’s every permutation without the singles, for all 8 selections. When you place the bet, your stake per selection is multiplied by 247 to cover all possible outcomes.

BetNumber of Bets

Goliath System Bet in Practice

Now that we know how the Goliath System bet works, its time for an appropriate example. Head over to your favorite bookmaker, pick 8 races, select Goliath bet and place your stakes. However, you need to put small stakes since they will get multiplied by 247 to cover all the bets. To make this example simpler, lets imagine that all the races are at 2.00 odds. We will use a simple $0.10 stake for the bets.

247 bets x $0.10 = $24.7 for the whole Goliath System Bet.

If all 8 selections win, this means you win all 247 bets, which gives you a return of $654.40. But even if you don’t luck out with all 8, the returns can be impressive. If 7 selections win, your return would be $217.20. If 6 selections win, the return is $71.60. After this, the returns are much smaller with 5 selections returning $23.20. This means that with 5 or less correct selections, your System Goliath bet won’t be covering the stakes.

However, in the example we were calculating all races at even odds of 2.00. In a real environment, a few of those 8 selections will have odds much higher than 2.00.


All in all, the Goliath System bet is a fantastic choice if you are considering sports betting. Even if you are not familiar with horses, this bet can be used for a sport as simple as football also. It does require a bigger stake; however, the winnings can be very big. Additionally, you got some money back even if you get only 2 out of 8 selections right.

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