Unlike match betting where you bet on the score of a particular match, outright betting means that you bet on the outcome of a whole competition. In most cases these bets are placed before a tournament or a competition begins; however, they are still available even when they start. The odds for outright betting are much higher since they take a long time to be finalized. Nevertheless, the later you place the bets, the lower the odds will be.

Outright Betting
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As a bet type, the most common bets in this category are winner of a competition, who gets relegated, who finishes in top 10, who finishes in top 2, etc. Outright betting is extremely simple and a lot of money can be won. All you need is a lot of patience, because if you place your bet on the beginning of a competition, it’s going to take a lot of time until it ends.

Outright Betting – Winner

As the name suggests, here you bet on the victor of a certain team in a certain competition. This type of outright betting is mostly used for football. There are a dozen of highly-popular leagues among other competitions like the Champions League or the Europa League. You could pick a possible winner for all those competitions and put them all on one betslip. It would take a while for you to know the final outcome but if you get everything right, the payout can be quite big.

Other sports where outright betting – winner is used are basketball, handball, rugby, hockey, etc. Any sport that has leagues where there is only one winner at the end can be used.

Outright Betting – Relegation

This type of outright betting is completely different from the one above. Instead of betting on the winner, you would bet on which team to get relegated. In the most popular football leagues more than one team gets relegated so it’s possible for the bet to include more than one team. However, it’s much harder to correctly pick the three teams that will leave the competition, but that’s why the odds are much higher.

When it comes to sports that are used for outright betting – relegation, they are a bit different from above. This bet type is only viable for sports in which teams get relegated. If we look at it, football is our only option for this type of betting. Each year, up to three teams get relegated in the best leagues in the world. Bettors can take advantage of it by betting on which teams are going to get relegated.

Top 2

Beside the winner and the relegations, you can also bet on which team ends in the Top 2 positions. You could also bet on which two teams take the first two positions in a league. The latter one is harder to guess and the odds for it are much higher. This is an outright betting type which is not used a lot but certain bettors love it.

Top 3

This outright betting type is just like the one mentioned above. The only difference is that here you can bet on which team will finish in the Top 3 positions in a league. Also, you can pick which three teams take the first three positions in a league or a competition. However, as more teams enter the betslip, the odds and the difficulty will increase exponentially.

Top 5

Just like the bets above, the Top 5 means you get to pick a team that will end the year in the first five spots of the league. Additionally, when it comes to outright betting, you can also bet on which five teams will end the league in the first five positions. However, that’s a very hard bet to get correct and the odds are equally high. This type of betting is usually done by football fans, especially the ones who mostly watch the Premier League.

Outright Betting Top 10 & Top 20

In this outright betting type you get to pick a team that will finish in the top 10 or top 20 of the league. Usually, this is done on teams who have just entered the league and are likely to get relegated. Betting on them to stay in it will have high odds and it’s highly possible. On the other hand, this betting type can be used for a much harder, almost impossible bet.

You can bet on which teams will end up top 10 or top and also which position they will end up in. as you can see, that can be quite complicated, especially if you decide to do it for all 20+ teams in a league. Almost no one makes this bet but its important to mention it. Getting it right, even under the lowest stakes can lead to a huge win. Thousands of dollars can be potentially won so some bettors might give it a shot.


Outright betting is not nearly as popular as match betting when it comes to sports betting. The reason is simple, the bets are much harder. However, for a bettor that seeks a challenge, outright betting is the right place. The odds for such a challenge are very big which can lead to huge wins. The easiest way to take advantage of this bet type is by betting on the best leagues. Pick who is going to win those leagues and put it all on one betslip. With a little luck, the payout could be massive.

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