To Win Both Halves is a bet located in the match specials betting category. It’s used when you expect a certain team to dominate both halves. The way this bet works makes it usable only for football.

When betting on favorites, the odds are usually very small. However, the odds are much higher if a team is expected to perform great in both halves. Sometimes a strong favorite finishes the job in the first half and then rests key players in the second one. This often leads to conceding goals which can mess with your to win both halves bet.

To Win Both Halves Betting in Football

As we mentioned above, this bet type is pretty much exclusive to football betting. Bookmakers will always offer this bet in the same way. You can pick whether the home or away team will manage to win both halves. Additionally, you can bet that either the home or away team won’t manage that feat.

To avoid complications let’s explain this bet type in detail with a football match example. For instance, let’s look at the Copa America match of Japan vs Chile. Japan are just a guest in the tournament and not a lot is expected from them. Chile on the other hand won the last two Copas so they will chase wins from the start. The odds for a simple victory on them are not very big. But if you bet on the away team to win both halves, the odds will be much higher.

In order to win that bet, Chile have to score in each half. If they win 2-0 but both goals are scored in the first half, you will lose the bet. Both halves need to be treated as a separate match. Because, if Chile leads 3-0 after the first half and the match finishes 4-1, you still lose the bet. In that example, the score in the second half would be 1-1 which will mean Chile did not win both halves.

How to Place the Bet

Let’s see how to the above mentioned bet would work in sports betting. To the right we will show you how betting on Chile to win both halves look like. We will be picking “Yes” on them to manage that feat. Keep in mind that this outcome even though it’s highly possible, there is a big chance that it doesn’t happen. For that reason, the odds for this bet will be somewhat high.

To Win Both Halves
Chile to Dominate the Match

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