Team to win to nil is another very popular bet in the specials betting category. It’s used to increase your odds when betting on a favorite. It’s a bet type that’s mostly used for football, since winning to nil doesn’t actually happen in most other sports.

In most cases, strong favorites are given very low odds to win a match. That means bettors who enjoy betting on favorites can’t get any value from their bet. So, instead of dropping the bet altogether, the bettor can take advantage of the team to win to nil bet instead.

Team To Win To Nil Betting in Football

As we mentioned above, this bet is almost exclusively used in football. Bookmakers offer this bet in two ways. In some you can pick whether the home or away team to win to nil. Other bookmakers, on the other hand, simply have it as the home team. Then you just choose “Yes” or “No” on whether the home team will manage that feat.

For instance, let’s take the opening game of the Copa America. It’s Brazil vs Bolivia and Brazil is considered an absolute favorite. Betting on a simple victory has no value because the odds are very small. However, betting on the home team to win to nil will increase the odds just enough to make it worth your time.

How to Place the Bet

To the right, we will show you how this bet looks like. As we said, we will be looking at the game between Brazil and Bolivia. It’s the opening match of Copa America and Brazil are the hosts. That means they will go out all guns blazing. That’s why we will be betting “Yes” on the home team to win to nil.

Home Team To Win To Nil
Brazil to win to nil

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