Correct score betting is another very important bet in the match specials category. The bet is mostly used for football but it can be used for tennis bets as well. Depending on the bookmaker, this category can also be named exact result betting.

The way correct score betting works is rather simple. Before a match, you need to bet on how the final score will look like. The odds for this bet type are always big, considering the difficulty of the task. With tennis it works exactly the same, you need to guess the exact set result. At bookmakers, you can usually find this bet as Set Score. Keep reading to find out more information about this bet type.

Football Correct Score Betting

As we mentioned above, correct score betting is very simple. In football, bettors usually take advantage of it when their team is playing. Believing they know how their team will perform, they take a risk and bet on the exact result. The most likely result will have the lowest odds. However, any result that’s unexpected will offer huge odds. Additionally, this bet can also be placed just for the first or just the second half time. In sports betting, getting these bets right often leads to huge winnings.

Set Score Betting

Correct score betting in tennis is exactly the same as in football. You need to guess the final set result. The only difference is that the choices are fewer, especially in a regular tournament. If a player needs only 2 sets to win the game, the possible set score bet can be either 2:0 or 2:1 in favor of that player. That’s why the odds are lower than the ones for football.

Correct score betting in tennis is often used for the early stages of Grand Slam tournaments. There, the strongest players usually win 3:0 against much weaker opposition. Betting on their victory won’t make any sense because the odds are ridiculously small. However, a correct set bet of 3:0 will have much better odds while the outcome is still highly possible.

Placing the Bet

To the right we will show you how placing a bet in the correct score betting category looks like. First, lets take a UEFA qualifying match between Faroe Islands and Spain. The odds for a Spain victory are very low; however, betting on 0-3 correct score offers great value. On the other hand, in Roland Garros, Novak Djokovic is playing against the much weaker J.Struff. Betting on 3:0 correct set score in favor of Djokovic offers good value.

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