Match specials are the most popular bet types for both beginners and experienced bettors. They are very exciting bets, especially clean sheet betting. Since we are talking about teams not conceding goals, it’s more than clear that this bet type is used for football.

Keeping a Clean Sheet
Protect the Goal

When you want to bet on a favorite, chances are the odds will be very small. What you can do is go for handicap betting or add goals to the favorite in order to increase the odds. Additionally, bettors can go with the clean sheet bet. Even if a team is considered a favorite, chances are they concede at least a goal. Choosing this bet instead of a classic 1X2 bet will surely increase your odds. Keep reading to find out more.

What is the Clean Sheet Market?

The Clean Sheet market allows the bettor to bet on which team will not concede any goals throughout the duration of the match. The term ‘clean sheet’ is a term that comes in soccer for when a goal keeper does not let through any goals during a game. Therefore if the goalkeeper ends the game with no goals scored against his team, he is said to have kept a ‘clean sheet.’


If Chelsea is playing Everton, you have two options of two to bet on:
1a)  Chelsea (Yes)
1b)  Chelsea (No)

2a)  Everton (Yes)
2b)  Everton (No)

A clean sheet would be indicated by a team not conceding any goals. i.e. The opposition not scoring any goals against the team. Therefore is the the score is Chelsea 1-0 Everton, then this indicates that Chelsea kept a clean sheet. Chelsea (YES) would be a winning selection here. If the score is Chelsea 0-0 Everton, then this indicates that both teams kept a clean sheet.  Therefore the winning selections would both be Chelsea (YES) and Everton (YES).

If the score is Chelsea 1-1 Everton, then this indicates that none of the teams kept a clean sheet. Therefore the winning selections would be Chelsea (No) and Everton (No). Own goals will count towards the team they are awarded.  Therefore if Chelsea scores an own goal against Everton, this means that Chelsea has conceded a goal.  Therefore Chelsea (NO) would be a winning selection. This a 90 minute market, and does not include penalties or extra time that takes place after the final whistle.

Clean Sheets Betting in Football

Like we mentioned above, this bet type is best used for Football where clean sheets are something that frequently happens. There are other sports that use goals; however, not conceding goals is not actually a thing in handball, ice-hockey, rugby etc. To explain how this bet would work in practice here is an example in the Champions League.

Bookmakers are considering Liverpool to be a favorite in the Champions League final, which is quite normal. However, even if Liverpool wins, chances are they will concede a goal. So, instead of putting a risky bet and backing Liverpool for a victory, you could bet that Liverpool doesn’t keep a clean sheet. The odds will be lower but the probability of that outcome happening will be much higher.

How to Place the Bet?

Even though it might seem a bit complicated, placing this bet is actually very simple. The first picture to the right will show how the regular bet looks. The second one, on the other hand, will show how you can put a clean sheet bet on just one half. Betting on just one half will increase the odds on conceding the goal. That happens because there is less time to score or concede a goal.

Clean Sheet FT Bet
Clean Sheet Full Time Bet
2nd Half Bet
Clean Sheet 2ndHalf Bet

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