Another very popular match specials bet is both teams to score. Obviously, this bet type is specifically used for football. It’s a great choice when you are not sure on the outcome of a certain football event.

The best way to take advantage of this bet is if you pick a match where both sides play open football. It’s even better when they are matched sides, in terms of quality. In matches like that, it’s almost a given that each team will score at least one goal. If that happens, you win the bet. Keep reading to find out more.

What does Both Teams to Score mean?

What is the definition of the term “both teams to score”? You have likely seen a line that looks something like this while looking up the odds for an upcoming sporting event:

“Both Teams to Score”

This line is pretty straightforward – let’s look at an example:

Both Teams to Score

Yes, 1.61
No, 2.20

Let’s say that Man City is playing host to Chelsea, and the line looks similar to what I have posted above.

If you believe that both teams are going to score over the course of the match, you would want to take the “Yes” line at 1.61.

If you believe that one or both of the teams will be unable to score, you would want to take the “No” side. So, if you take the “No” bet and the final score is 1-0 for Man City, you would win your bet. If Chelsea ended up winning 2-1 and you took the “Yes” line, you would win your bet. The “both teams to score” bet is a good bet to make if you are unsure as to who is going to win the game, or if you don’t particularly want to cheer for one individual team.

BTTS Meaning

The term ‘BTTS’ is an abbreviation for the popular football betting market: Both Teams To Score. While the name of this term suggests you are betting on goals being scored, you actually have the option of betting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 

So, if you are confident that both teams will score, then back ‘Yes’, but put your money on ‘No’ if you don’t think that will happen. All BTTS bets are determined during normal time (ninety minutes plus additional time). Extra time and penalties do not count if you’re betting on cup games.

The odds for BTTS bets fluctuate depending on which teams are playing each other. For instance, if Manchester Utd are playing a non-league team in the FA Cup, you’ll get higher odds on the ‘Yes’ bet because Utd are likely to keep a clean sheet. However, if Man City are playing Liverpool in a Premier League tie the odds for the ‘Yes’ bet are lower but you get better value on the ‘No’ BTTS bet.

Often, due to the relatively low odds associated with BTTS betting, punters prefer to build accumulators rather than placing straight up single bets. Many of the top bookmakers provide special BTTS coupons which makes picking your matches much easier.  

Both Teams to Score Betting in Football

As we mentioned above, football is the only sport where you would be using this bet type. Moreover, there are different variations of the both teams to score bet and it can be combined with other bets as well. For example, you might believe that both teams won’t score in the match. In that case, you can also choose “No” on the bet. Additionally, you can pick the scoring to happen in just the first half or just the second half. However, that’s a much harder bet and the odds will be higher.

Both Teams to Score
Both Teams to Score

Let’s take the final of the Champions League as an example. Most people will be expecting a close game and goals from both sides should happen. Anything is possible; however, a lot of bettors are going to take advantage of this bet because that outcome is highly possible. On the other hand, Liverpool fans and other bettors who like a challenge might pick the option for both teams not to score a goal. The idea is that it is somewhat possible that Liverpool will keep a clean sheet.

Variations of a Both Teams to Score Bet

A normal Both Teams to Score bet just requires you to bet “yes” or “no” to whether you think both teams will find the net. However, there are several variations on this with the most popular being:

  • BTTS & Result – This means you select a bet in the BTTS market as well as your predicted outcome for the match. Usually, there are six options available to you here. These are Yes and Home Win, Yes & Away Win, Yes & Draw, No & Home Win, No & Away Win, and No & Draw. Obviously, this is more difficult to predict and has more chance of losing than a simple BTTS bet but it will give higher odds.
  • BTTS & Over/Under – This combines a Both Teams to Score bet and Over/Under a certain amount of goals in the match. This bet type is usually set at 2.5 by most bookmakers. So, not only will you need both sides to get on the scoresheet, you will also need there to be either under or over the amount of goals specified.
  • BTTS in Both Halves – This is an incredibly difficult market to find a winner in. However, it offers extremely good odds if you want to back the YES outcome. This means that both teams must each score a goal in the first half and again in the second half. While it is difficult to pick a winner, it could give you a great pay out if you do get lucky. Most bets in this market offer odds of between 9/1 and 50/1.

Some bookmakers, on rare occasions and for the biggest matches, offer other variations such as Both Teams to Score in one half. However, these are extremely rare and offered by only a couple of bookmakers.

How to Place the Bet?

This bet is very simple and easy to understand. To the right we will show you two pictures of how both sides of the bet look like. The first one shows the odds for betting on both teams to score while the second one shows the odds if you think that both sides won’t be scoring in the match.

Both Teams to Score
BTTS “Yes”

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