Match specials betting is definitely among the most popular types of sports betting, especially when it comes to football. The specials hold a large number of bets that are mostly connected to one event. So instead of picking 10-12 events, you could take just a few and bet on several things for those events.

Match Specials Betting
Match Specials Betting

Here are the bets that are part of match specials betting:

  • To Get Next Corner
  • To Get Next Yellow card/ red card
  • Time of First Goal
  • Team To Get Penalty
  • Team To Win To Nil
  • Time of First Card
  • Match Specials Betting: Result and Total Score
  • Clean Sheets
  • To Win Either Half
  • Team to Get Red Card
  • Total Yellow Cards
  • Match Specials Betting: Total Corners
  • To Score First and Win Match
  • Scoring in Both Halves
  • To Win Both Halves
  • To Win From Behind
  • Both Teams to Score

With these bets, it doesn’t matter which event you pick. You don’t need to back anyone, if you are not sure. Here, you can bet on yellow/red cards, the number of corners, timing when a goal is scored, etc. You could take the most unpredictable match and still make a winning bet by choosing something from the match specials betting type. Keep reading to learn more on the topic.

To Get Next Bets

To understand how these bets work, it’s important to divide them in a few categories. The first category of match specials betting are the get next bets. For instance, here we would put to get next corner, to get the next yellow or red card, to win either half, to win both halves, to score in both halves, to win from behind, to score first and win the match. As you can see, all of them are difficult bets which means the odds are much higher. Additionally, they are quick bets that are always done on online bookmakers. They are perfect for very experienced bettors who like to follow a whole game and bet accordingly.

Time & Total Score Bets

In this category, we will put the match special betting types that are oriented around timing and total score. The first ones are connected with a specific time in the game. For instance, you could bet at what time the first goal will happen. Similarly, you could bet at what minute the first card will be issued. On the other hand, there are total score bets as well. You can bet on a winner & the total score, the total number of yellow cards in the match, and the total number of corners in the match.

Individual Team Match Specials Betting

Here, instead of betting on the whole match, you can bet on certain things to happen for just one of the teams. For instance, with match specials betting, you could bet on one team to get a penalty or one team to win to nil. Additionally, you can bet on a team to win both halves, or to win just one half. You can also bet on which team will get a red card. These bets are perfect if you are not sure whether the team you are backing will win the game. With the above mentioned bets, you can support them but even if the final outcome is not what you expected, you can still win your bet.

Both Teams to Score

Certain bet types in the match specials betting category are much bigger and more popular with bettors. One such bet is the both teams to score bet. This is an outcome that happens most of the time when two evenly side teams square off against each other. It’s the perfect bet for situations where you are not sure what team would win a certain game. Instead of placing a risky bet, choose both teams to score and watch as you win. If you look at it, with a bet like this, you will be cheering for both sides since you need both of them to score a goal.

Match Specials Betting: Clean Sheets

This is another match specials betting type that deserves to be mentioned separately. It’s perfect for bettors who want to back strong favorites but the odds are not satisfactory. Withe this bet, instead of backing the favorite, you bet that the team will keep a clean sheet. That way, you get a bet that’s only a little bit riskier but the odds will be much higher.

However, you can decide for the alternative outcome as well. Instead of betting on a team to keep a clean sheet, you could bet on both teams not to keep a clean sheet. In a close game between two even sides, this outcome is possible which makes this match specials betting type a perfect choice. To learn more about the clean sheets bet, please check our extended review right here.

Match Result & Total Score Bet

Last but not least, we have to mention this match specials betting type. It’s one of the most important and most used bets in this category. Here, you actually bet on a winner & on how many goals will be scored at the same time. For instance, you could go for a home victory and over 2.5 goals. Similarly, you could go for a draw & under 1.5 goals, or an away victory and 3.5 goals. These are just some of the bets that are possible in this category. For more information, check our explanation on match result and total score betting.

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