HT FT as a bet type is a rather small category since its limited to matches that actually have a halftime/fulltime. This means that football is pretty much the only sport where it is used. However, that’s not the only place since rugby, basketball, and American football all essentially have halftimes and full times.

What is HT FT Betting?

When it comes to sports betting, HT FT bets are often used in place of the standard 1X2 bets. So, instead of betting only on the full time result of a match, you can bet who wins or draws at the half time as well. Here are the 9 possible outcomes:

HT FT BetHalf TimeFull Time
1-1Home Team LeadsHome Team wins
1-XHome Team LeadsDraw
1-2Home Team LeadsAway Team Wins
X-1DrawHome Team Wins
X-2DrawAway Team Wins
2-1Away Team LeadsHome Team Wins
2-XAway Team LeadsDraw
2-2Away Team LeadsAway Team Wins

The only exception to this is when HT FT betting is applied to Ice Hockey, which is not unusual these days. Since hockey has 3 equal parts/halves, there are 27 possible outcomes there.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HT FT Betting

The advantages of HT FT match betting is that if you get it right, you could win much more than with a standard 1X2 bet. The reason for this is that the odds for these bets are much higher, especially the the ones where you bet 1-2 or 2-1.

On the other hand, one disadvantage is quite simple; it’s harder to get these bets right. There are actually two outcomes that you need to guess, not just the full time result.

Types of Bets and Markets

As we mentioned above the best markets for halftime-fulltime betting can be found in football, basketball, rugby, and American football. The best way to take advantage of this bets is to check the trend of certain teams.

For instance, if you are following a football team that’s considered a strong favorite in most matches, the odds for their home victories will be very low. That’s where HT FT bets come in handy because if that team is really strong, they would already be leading at half time. Additionally, certain teams play defensively in the first half and then try to put the result in their favor during the second half. This is perfect for X-1 or X-2 bets.

Placing a HT FT Bet

Let’s imagine a Premier League game of Southampton against Liverpool. You believe that Southampton are going to hold their own in the first half, and then succumb to the pressure in the second half, so you bet X-1 as a HT FT bet.

On the other hand, you might believe that Liverpool will crush Southampton in their race to the title, so you bet 2-2.

HT FT X-1 Bet
X-1 Bet
Halftime full time 2-2 Bet
2-2 Bet

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