Checking any bookmaker for several minutes will show you that at the moment there a thousands of betting types out there. Match betting holds the bets that are essentially the simplest and easiest to understand.

Match Betting Markets

As we mentioned above, there are several markets that fall under the category of match betting and they are all fairly simple. Below, we will mention all of them and give a short explanation.


1X2 bets are essentially the oldest bets and they are mostly known for football. In 1X2 betting you get to bet on the outcome of a certain match. You can pick either the home team, the away team or the match to end with a draw. For example, the match result in a Premier League game between Manchester United and Chelsea can be one of the following:

  • 1 – The home side (Manchester United) wins the match.
  • X – The match ends with a draw.
  • 2 – The away side (Chelsea) wins the match.

The odds are always different in this match betting market since the teams that are playing could be underdogs or favorites. Because of that, with time 1X2 betting became popular in other sports as well.

Home Team Victory

Many bookmakers offer the 1X2 market on just about any team sport where the possible outcomes could be a home win, away win, or a draw. So, 1X2 match betting is becoming more popular in sports like rugby, cricket, hockey, etc.

Double Chance

Double chance is a match betting type where you can cover two out of three possible outcomes in a certain match.

  • 1X – Home Team Win or Draw – You have a winning bet if the home team wins or draws the match.
  • X2 – Away Team Win or Draw – You have a winning bet if the away team wins or draws the match.
  • 12 – Home Team Win or Away Team Win – In this case, your bet is a winner if either team wins the match.

The advantages for double chance bets are quite obvious. You are not sure whether a certain team will win but you think there is no way they will lose. With this type of bet, you will cover two out of the three outcomes which brings you a step closer to a winning bet. However, keep in mind that the odds for these bets are much lower compared to the usual 1X2 bets.

H2H Match Betting

Contrary to the bet types listed above, H2H betting is oriented more towards individual sports, rather than team sports. The meaning behind a head to head bet can be located in horse racing. It is the English name for the head to head races and is often abbreviated with H2H. In this type of bet, you compare two competitors. Everyone else participating in that competition is not relevant to the bet.

With H2H you always make a tip on two possible outcomes. Its either a victory for A or B, or a defeat for A or B. For example, you can use a head to head bet to compare ski racers or motor sports pilots with each other. This type of match betting wasn’t popular for football, but there have been changes in recent years.

For instance, you can bet whether a certain team collects more points than another team in a full season. You could also bet on a player to score more goals than some other player. The H2H bets are very simple and straightforward and the choices are always big.

HT/FT Match Betting

This is another betting type which is mostly used for football; however, you can find it with other sports as well. The way this match betting market works is very simple. Instead of just betting at the final outcome of a match, you can bet on what was the outcome during half-time as well.

HT/BT bets
1-1 HT/FT Bet
HT/FT Match Betting
2-2 HT/FT Bet

For example, lets say you want to bet on a Manchester United home victory against Southampton. However, you believe that the game will be a draw during the first half. So, you could place a more risky bet from the HT/FT market and bet on X-1. This is a combination that you will win only if the match is a draw at half-time and victory for United at the end. Keep in mind that the odds for this bet would be much higher than the regular ones.


This is a match betting market that’s probably the simplest out there. Even people who are not gamlbing are making these bets. What you are essentially doing is picking a potential winner. The moneyline bet is available for most sports but its mostly used for ones that usually have low scores. This means sports like football, baseball, and hockey are the best choice.

The draw and possible overtimes is removed when it comes to moneylines. This match betting type makes sure that you pick whether Team A or Team B will win the game. If it ends in a draw, or it continues with overtime, your moneyline bet will be a loser.

To Qualify

Last but not least, we have the qualifying bets. They are very simple just like the rest and can be placed on almost any wager. For instance, you want to make a bet on who will qualify for the Final of the Football Champions League.

You can essentially do this even before the competition starts for the year. Then, the odds would be much bigger. So, all you need to do is pick a team To Qualify for the final and place your bet. The only bad side of this match betting type is that it involves a lot of waiting.

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