Asian Handicap is used as an alternative to the most common 1X2 betting. It’s mostly used when a team is a strong favorite to win, so you add a handicap to their victory in order to increase the odds of your bet. Every bookmaker has a basic handicap set in place for every match and that’s called the main line.

However, Alternative Asian Handicap allows you to set up a handicap that is different to the main line offered by the bookmaker. Even though it seems a bit complicated, it’s fairly easy to understand once you read about it. Below we will explain how this alternative method actually works.

Alternative Asian Handicap Explained

The easiest way to explain this is by giving an example of how Alternative Asian Handicap would look in a bet. Lets make an example with two Premier League teams. Imagine Manchester City is playing against Leicester. City are of course favorites to win but they are not dominant favorites because Leicester are also a very good side.

In such a match most bookmakers would offer and Asian Handicap of + 1.5 or – 1.5. This means that if you place that bet, you are betting on City to win with at least a two goal difference. The odds will be higher than if you bet only on them to manage any kind of win. Nevertheless, Alternative Asian Handicap allows you to pick a different handicap from the base one that is offered.

For instance, you think that City will score a stronger win, so you decide to put a +2.5 or even +3.5 handicap bet. On the other hand, you might believe Leicester are going to surprise them so you could put a +0.5 handicap or even back Leicester all the way. That would work by backing them by putting a – 0.5 or even – 1.5 handicap. The odds for all the above mentioned bets will be much higher compared to the base line.

All the above mentioned bets are part of Alternative Asian Handicap. Basically all handicap bets that are different to the base line are part of the group. Even if you decide to place a handicap just for one half. To learn more about Handicap Betting check our review HERE.


Lets take a Serie A game of Lazio vs Bologna. Lazio are a very small favorite so the bookmaker is offering – 0.25 or + 0.25 handicap. This means they only need to win the game, even by one goal. However, Alternative Asian Handicap allows you to put a different handicap. For the example, we chose a – 1.75 handicap on Lazio. This means that Lazio will have to win by at least 2 goals. As you can see to the right, the first one offers 1.91 odds. However, the Alternative Asian Handicap that we chose offers much higher 5.50 odds because it’s a much harder bet.

Regular Asian Handicap
Regular Asian Handicap
Alternative Asian Handicap
Alternative Asian Handicap

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