Goalscorer betting is one of the most exciting sports betting type in football. Instead of betting on the outcome of the match, just bet on who scores. This is why professional bettors enjoy this betting type. Additionally, several bets that are part of this type give bettors the opportunity to gamble quickly.


The most important bets in the goalscorer betting category are first goalscorer, last goalscorer, and anytime goalscorer. Below we will explain in detail how it would look when you make these bets.

First Goalscorer

This is the most simple bet in the goalscorer betting category. It’s also the fastest bet because you could be a winner or loser very early in the game. To make this bet, first you need to pick a match. Then, you will see that the bookmaker offers a list of several players from both teams. Each player will have different odds to be the first goalscorer. Normally, the attacking players of each team will have the lowest odds. In goalscorer betting, players like Messi or Ronaldo will always have the lowest odds to be the first goalscorer.

Additionally, goalscorer betting can be combined with other similar bets. For instance, when it comes to first goalscorer, you can choose that the first goal comes through a penalty. Moreover, the first goal can be scored as an own goal as well. We also have to mention that the first goalscorer bet can be aimed at a team instead of a player. The odds are lower but you can bet which team scores the first goal. Last but not least, there is one more bet which is a part of the first goalscorer category. If you believe that the match will end in stalemate, you can bet that no one scores the first goal.

Last Goalscorer Betting

Similarly to the one above, last goalscorer betting is a very simple bet. You will be betting on which player scores the last goal of a certain match. Moreover, the easier bet is if you pick which team scores the last goal. Unlike the one above, last goal scorer betting are much longer bets, especially for slow games where the goals come at the end of the match. However, with online betting, the last goalscorer bet will remain open until the match ends. You can’t do this with the above mentioned bet because once the first goal comes in, you can’t bet on that category anymore.

With last goalscorer, a goal can occur in the last minute of the match and the player who scores it will be the last goalscorer. So you can bet on the category all through the match, no matter how many goals are scored in the process. Everything else about the bet is the same as the one above. You get a list with players from both teams and you need to pick who you think will be the last one to score a goal. Normally, the attacking players will have the lowest odds. Last goalscorer betting doesn’t have the option of no one scoring the last goal. That’s because if the only goal in the match happens in the first minute, that will still count as the last goal.

Anytime Goalscorer

This is the most exciting and entertaining bet when it comes to goalscorer betting. Unlike the other two options, here you will only be betting on players who can be possible goalscorers. In this bet, the list of options will be much bigger, with some bookmakers, this bet type might include all 22 first team players and the ones that are on the bench as well. Normally, defensive players and the goalkeeper will have huge odds to score a goal in a match. Great attacking players, on the other hand, will have very low odds since it’s highly possible they will score at some point during the match.

Anytime goalscorer betting has one more bet that’s unusual but the big odds could be worth it. You can decided that no goals will be scored in that match and bet that no one will be a goalscorer. This bet type offers great value in serious competitions like the UCL or the World Cup. There are players who always deliver in such times which makes them perfect for this bet.

Goalscorer Betting Rules

As you can see, goalscorer betting might be a bit complicated. For that reason, bookmakers have several rules. This rules show exactly what bet is a win, what is a loss, and what bet is void. However, different bookmakers might have different rules so always check the T&C before placing the bet. Make sure, you know all the rules before placing the bet so you avoid bad situations. Below, you can see which rules are mostly used when it comes to goalscorer betting.

Goalscorer Betting
Goalscorer Betting Rules

For instance, you can pick a player from the bench to be the last goalscorer. However, the coach makes three changes but doesn’t the include the player you had on your bet. In goalscorer betting, if that happens, it means your player didn’t feature in the match. For bookmakers, that would be a void bet which means you receive your stakes back. However, if that player enters the match in the 90th minute and doesn’t score the last goal, you will lose the bet.

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