Sports betting is becoming more popular every day, largely due to the fact that new bet types keep appearing. They are now part of pretty much every sport in the world. Not to mention that betting is now in other aspects of life as well, especially politics and music competitions. There are tons of bet types and we separated them into several categories below.

Bet Types
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Match Betting

The bet types that are part of match betting are some of the most basic bets out there. There are the 1X2, Double Chance, H2H, HT/FT, Moneyline, and To qualify bets. These are all bets that you usually make for team sports like football, handball, basketball, rugby, etc. However, they don’t work well with most individual sports since some of the options can’t be used there. For instance, there is no HT/FT in tennis, not even a draw because someone must win the match.

Outright Betting

Not a lot of bet types are part of outright betting. They are mostly used for football because these bets allow betting on the winner of a certain competition. On top of that, you can bet on who gets relegated, who finished in top 10/15/20, etc. It’s not a very popular type of betting; however, outright betting has its uses.

Bet Types Goal-scorer Betting

As the name suggests in this bet type, you get to choose who scores the goals in a game. This can be who scores anytime, who scores first, who scores last, etc. The only problem with this is that it can’t really be used for a lot of sports. Goal-scorer betting is mostly used for football; however, it can find its uses in hockey, rugby, etc.

Bet Types Totals Betting

Totals betting is one of the most exciting bet types out there. The reason behind that is because it can be used in many different sports. For instance, you can bet on the total score, the total number of sets/gems, total field goals, total corners, total free kicks, highest scoring half, total points, etc. Additionally, there are also total offsides, total passing yards, total receiving yards, total rushing yards, total sacks, etc.

Keep in mind that this also applies to total yellow cards, total red cards, total throw-ins, as well. Remember that all of the mentioned bet types are for over/under the picked bet. On top of that, there is a separate category known as the team totals.

Team Totals

Here, the bet types are actually more suited for team sports. You can bet on the total score of either the home team or the away team. For example, the home team will score over 2.5 goals; the away team will score under 1.5 goals, etc.

Bet Types Handicap Betting

Handicap Betting is an alternative to the most basic 1X2 match betting. The Handicap bet becomes valuable when one team is a strong favorite in a certain match. In a case like that, betting on the favorite through a traditional 1X2 bet makes no sense because the odds will be very small. The bet types in this group include the most popular Asian Handicap. However, there are also the 1X2 Handicap and Set Handicap.

Now, while the first one is mostly used for football games, the other types can be used for other sports as well. For instance, Set Handicap pretty much explains itself. It can be used for tennis but also for other sports that have sets.

Match Specials Betting

From all the bet types, match specials betting is probably the most interesting one. It can also be the fastest way to bet on sports. Nevertheless, even though its very interesting, this type is not used too much since it can be complicated. Here you can find bets like who gets the next corner, who gets the next yellow card, the next red card, etc. Additionally, you can pick what time the first goal will happen, which team gets the first or only penalty, which team to win to nil, etc.

On top of that, you can also bet on the match result and the top score. For instance, there are bets like, clean sheets, which team will win either half, which team will get a red card, which team will get the next corner, etc. Last but not least, you can also bet on which team will score in both halves, which team wins both halves, if a team can win to nil, if a team can win from behind, and which team can score first and win the match. Moreover, there are separate bet types that can be part of the match specials and they are known as correct score betting.

Correct Score Betting

This is the hardest special bet that players can make. Here you can bet on correct score and on correct set score. As the name suggests, you need to guess the correct score of a certain match. This is very hard, especially if you believe that some underdog is going to challenge a favorite.


Bet types are the most important thing about sports betting because you need to know them before you place your bets. Having a better understanding of as many bet types as possible will help you when you are creating your bets. This will automatically lead to more wins, which is what everyone is after.

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