Video Poker is a very simple but highly entertaining casino game. Unlike other games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, with video poker, your chances of winning are much higher. Usually, the house edge is lower while the percentage that’s supposed to go to the player is much higher. Nevertheless, this means nothing if you start playing unprepared. You will surely lose if you start playing without a strong video poker strategy.

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Basic Video Poker Strategy

There is more to video poker than just watching the dealt cards and hoping for luck to strike. With a lot of practice and a tightly prepared video poker strategy, anyone can become a winner. Remember that video poker is the highest paying casino game so why not take advantage of that. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there is no secret strategy that simply explains how to win at video poker.

Pick the Best Paytable

Unlike slots and other games that don’t really explain the payouts to the players before they start the game, with video poker that’s not the problem. You will notice that almost every game will have the paytable right above the play screen. You can watch it all the time and learn how much a possible payout can be even before it happens.

Every video poker strategy will suggest to try and find the best game that offers the best pay table. Let’s imagine that the casino always takes 3%, it would mean that 97% should go to the player. However, that’s not the case because every poker game or machine has it’s own paytable. For instance,
you increase your chances of beating a video Poker machine if you choose a game with a paytable that offers a 99.54 percent return rather than a video Poker with a paytable that provides a 97.29 percent return.

Always Play the Max

This is an important part of every video poker strategy; however, not everyone has the means to follow it. Still, betting at the max bet drastically increases your chances of winning on the long run. On top of that, many video poker games offer bonuses and even progressive jackpots for playing on the max bet.

Advanced Video Poker Strategy

There are two more things that you have to watch out for before playing video poker. These are advanced tips that many players tend to avoid even though they can change their game completely.

Video Poker Strategy
Advanced Strategy

Slow Down

Video poker tends to be a game with a very fast gameplay. A great video poker strategy will always tell you to slow down. Game developers love a player who will come in and lose his whole bankroll within minutes. If you play it as slow as possible, even if you have a bad day, you reduce the long term losses.

Play Progressive Jackpot Video Poker

The progressive jackpot can be a fantastic addition to any video poker because usually the prize you can win is very big. However, pokers with progressive jackpots tend to have horrible paytables. This video poker strategy suggests that you go on a search and find the best paytable that a progressive jackpot can offer. Combine that with proper knowledge of the game and play at the max bet, and you will surely be successful.

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Video Poker Options at Coinbet24

Joker Poker


Classic poker with Jokers as a wild. Play up to 5 hands for a chance to win up to 4 000 coins.

Deuces Wild


Classic poker with Deuces as a wild. Play up to 5 hands for a chance to win up to 4 000 coins.

All American Poker


Classic poker with a progressive jackpot as an extra feature. Play and win up to 4 000 coins.

Deuces and Jokers


Classic poker with a 53 card deck. Both deuces and jokers are used as a wild. Play and win up to 4 000 coins.

Double Joker


Classic video poker with a 54 card deck. Two joker cards are used as a wild. Play and win up to 4 000 coins.

Pyramid Bonus Poker


Unique poker played on three separate paytables. Bet on all of them and win up to 4 200 coins.

Jacks or Better


Classic video poker played with a standard 52 card deck. Play and win up to 4 000 coins.

Jacks or Better


Unique multi-hand gameplay, including a gamble feature. Play and win up to 4 000 coins.