Regardless of which casino you visit, you will always find the standard table and card games. Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and Texas hold ’em are the bread and butter of every casino. The same goes for online casinos who often offer live tables for the above mentioned games. However, a lot of people are looking for new and different challenges. There are a lot of card games out there but they are not very popular. Nevertheless, there is one game that stands out at the moment. It’s called Andar Bahar and it’s an Indian card game that’s been around for a long time.

Andar Bahar Card Game
Andar Bahar Card Game

Recently, this card game has been growing in popularity at online bitcoin casinos. Below, we will share everything you need to know about Andar Bahar and how to play it. It’s a very simple game but knowing all the details will help you get bigger wins. We believe Andar Bahar will become a part of the standard casino games which makes this the perfect time to learn about it.

Andar Bahar Origin

Andar Bahar is a digital iteration of the classic Indian card game of the same name, also known as “Katti. Even though it’s a very simple game, it’s not similar to the other well known card games. This game was a well kept Indian secret for a long time but it was about time for the Western World to learn about it. It’s been rising in popularity in the last couple of years and online casinos have created several different versions of Andar Bahar.

How to Play?

As we mentioned above, Andar Bahar is an extremely simple card game. However, it does have several rules for playing. A single deck of cards is used with the odds being 50/50. The game starts when the dealer places a face-up card in the middle of the table. At that point, the player places his bet on whether a card of the same value will appear on either the left (Andar) or the Right (Bahar). For instance, the dealer cuts a card with a face value of 10. The player then places his bet on either Andar (LEFT) or Bahar (RIGHT).

At that point, the dealer starts placing cards left and right. When a card with the same value as the one in the middle appears, the game ends. If the player picked left and that card is drawn left then you win double your initial bet. However, if the same face card as the one in the middle is drawn right, the player loses the bet. Also, if the first card drawn is from a black suite the dealing starts from Andar and if it is from the red suite the dealing starts from Bahar. One more thing we need to mention are the payouts who are also very simple since the game is 50/50.

However, as per the rules of the game if the chosen card appears on the side where the first drawn card was dealt the payout is 90% and if it falls on the other side the payout is 100%.

Play Andar Bahar

Now that you know all the basics of Andar Bahar, it’s time to start playing. Keep in mind that online casinos offer different versions of the game; however, the gameplay is always pretty much the same. The Coinbet24 Online Bitcoin Casino offers a fantastic live Andar Bahar table powered by Ezugi Games. This version gives the player an opportunity to place side bets while playing the regular game. To the right, you will see odds based on a certain amount of drawn cards. This mini-game gives the player a chance to bet on how many cards will be drawn before the required card that ends the round will appear.

The odds for this mini-game are excellent and in combination with Andar Bahar, you can receive some huge winnings. Don’t wait, head over to your Coinbet24 Bitcoin Account and start playing Andar Bahar.