Before online slots took over, the main attraction in every land-based casino were table games. Through the years, tons of such games appeared and disappeared; however roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are the casino games that withstood the test of time.

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History of Table Games

The three above mentioned table games each appeared at a different time. First and foremost we must talk about roulette, as that is the go to game, for every professional casino player.

Roulette History

The first historical proven table game roulette was manufactured in the 18th century in France. The game was played in since 1796 in the current form. The roulette wheel has been used in various casino in Paris since then. Roulette wheels used in Paris in 18th century had both a zero and double zero, which were red and black. Since the early 19th century the color was changed to green to avoid confusion of the table games.

The single zero roulette wheel was invented by the frenchman François and Louis Blanc. He made the invention to compete with the traditional casinos, which offered the double zero wheel. Francois later moved to Monte Carlo, where the single zero roulette became the premium game.

When it comes to table games, we have to mention blackjack which is one of the oldest card games. Initially known as 21, blackjack tables can be found at every casino in the world.

Blackjack History

The predecessor of blackjack, Twenty-One is of unknown origin, but some references in Spanish literature exist from around 1600. Later references are found in both French and Spanish books.When the original game Twenty-One was offered in the United States as a table game, casinos would often offer special payout bonuses to stimulate the gambling.

One of these bonuses were 10 to 1 payout, if you the player won with a hand of Ace of Spades together with one of the black colored jacks in the deck. This hand was called blackjack. This name eventually got stuck with everyone when referring to the game. Nowadays, the term blackjack refers to any hand consisting of an Ace plus a ten or any face card.

Last but not least, we have baccarat a table game which is always played in elegant settings. It’s a very old game and according to statistics is the one game that has the biggest payout.

Baccarat History

Baccarat initially appeared in Italy back in the 1400’s. Felix Falguiere created the game and called it “baccara”, which means zero in Italian. The reasoning for this name was because all the tens and face cards in the game were worth zero.

Nevertheless, it is believed that the Italian table game of baccara was created based on an old Etruscan myth. In fact, the legend told a tale of a virgin who had to roll a nine-sided dice as her fate was bound to that roll. If she rolled an 8 or a 9, she would get the opportunity to become a priestess. In the same way, if she rolled a 6 or a 7, she wouldn’t be allowed to take part in any religious events. However, rolling less than a 6 would banish her to the sea to drown.

Other Table Games

Beside the above mentioned table games, there are other interesting games played at a lot of casinos. The ones that have to be mentioned are dice games which are extremely popular in Asian casinos. Craps tables are also present at every casino; however, newcomers often avoid them because the gameplay can be quite complex. Nevertheless, professional gamblers love to play craps.

Dice Games
Dice Games

Still, whichever casino you enter, you will notice that table games are not in the spotlight. The casinos are filled with hundreds of slot machines as they are the main attraction.


All in all, we have to say that table games are the backbone of every casino, both land-based and online. Even though they are not the main game right now, since slots are topping them; these games are still played by millions. There are different versions of every table game out there and all types of players can find their favorite one.

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