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Game title: Troll Haven

Game description: Troll Haven is a fantastic slot title developed by Endorphina. It's a Nordic-themed game with great graphics and soothing background sounds. It comes with a wild, a scatter that triggers free spins, and a gamble feature.

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  • Graphics & Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Features & Bonuses
  • Free Spins
  • Thrill Factor


  • Fantastic Graphics
  • Free Spins
  • Maximum Payout of 300,000$


  • Low RTP

Troll Haven – An Endorphina slot, is about a journey through an ancient northland forest. No other human has trod in this sacred place for a long time. This forest is one that is filled with strange enchantments and forgotten magic. Yet it is also home to a tribe of wise trolls who may help out a lost traveler. The popular image of a Troll is that of a giant, brutish creature. Basically, some kind of monster our heroes have to defeat. But there are also many stories where Trolls are wise and magical forest-dwellers. This title takes the latter interpretation and builds an elegant slot game out of it. The game appears to be present somewhere in Northern Europe, with the Scandinavian forests. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this amazing slot game.

Welcome to Troll Haven
Welcome to Troll Haven

It’s a place with gentle giant creatures, old magic and hidden treasures, according to the company’s own description of the game. Excellent graphics and a couple of good features, the mix is one that I can get onboard with, and the experience is overall positive. 5 reels will spin in Troll Haven, where there will be up to 25 active lines. You get top payouts of 1,200x the stake, along with a 96% RTP which is about as expected for such a release. As soon as you start up this one-armed bandit, you will be greeted by the warm melodies of the soundtrack that will follow you throughout the adventure! Across the 5 reels, you will come across plenty of symbols, which are done in such fashion that fits the theme perfectly. Keep reading to find out more about the gameplay and the extra features offered by this slot.

Troll Haven Gameplay

Before starting Troll Haven, there are certain things you can do to set it up under your preferences. You can see the betting amount right below the reels. You can set it from 0.25 to 25.00 per spin. However, the player can also control the coin size. It can be set at 0.1 or 0.2. Conversely, the maximum bet with a 0.2 coin size is 50.00 per spin. The slot has 25 paylines that can be controlled by the Lines button in the bottom left corner. This means that players can set their gameplay anywhere from 1 to 10 paylines. Keep in mind that this slot can be played with bitcoin. However, you can play with regular FIAT currency as well.


Hitting the Spin button will start the Troll Haven online slot. The button is on the bottom right side, right below the reels. Right next to it, you can see the Auto button which is used to spin the reels automatically. This is a feature often added to slots by game developers. Additionally, this slot title has a turbo button as well. Clicking on it will make the reels spin faster, creating a faster gameplay. The button to control the background sound is on the top-right side of the reels. Right next to it, there is an “i” button. Clicking on it will reveal the gameplay, paylines, and all the bonuses. However, the game options are set diagonally from the background sounds button. You can find them in the bottom left corner.


Troll Haven will take us on a trip through a Scandinavian forest, where we learn more about the gentle trolls which live there. We see one such giant creature in the wild symbol, while the scatter Tree logo is the other feature trigger. As the game’s regular symbols, they’ve relied on images of cauldrons, a stone ax, fish, toadstools and berries. The final half a dozen icons will have Royals on them, with a stone tablet background and a rune-like appearance. Endorphina knows how to design a good looking slot machine, and this is true for this title as well.

Troll Haven Features and Bonuses

Troll is your Wild card in the game and if need be, he can replace any symbol to forma win line except for the Scatter. Additionally, the wild can trigger an extra feature. On top of that, there is a free spins feature as well as a gamble round. We will share more details about these features below.

Wild Symbol

First, I’d like to mention the Troll Wild, when it comes to the special features that have been implemented here. This symbol will form the best paying combinations, which offer up to 3,000x on each line, or $30,000. Naturally, you also get to rely on their ability as substitutes, so they can help form lower value combinations. They improve those low value combos that they’re a part of, doubling the value of their prizes. If one or more Troll Wilds appear as a substitute the win combo will double the wins stemming from that payline.

Wild Symbol
Wild Symbol

Gamble Feature

Like many other casino games, this one also has a Gamble feature. Here, you will get one card shown, and 4 more flipped over face down. You need to choose one of the remaining four cards. If the card you choose is highest than the dealer’s, you win, if the dealer’s card is higher than yours, you will lose and will be taken back to the base game. If the card is the same as the dealer’s you will repeat the round. You can choose to collect your winnings after each high card chosen. In Troll Haven, you can double your winning up to 10 times. However, once you get it wrong, the round is over and you lose your initial win. Endorphina as a developer often add gamble features to their slots. You can read more about such features on their website.

Troll Haven Gamble Feature
Gamble Feature

Thrill Factor

There is one more feature that the Troll Haven slot has and we have to mention it. It’s a free spins feature that we mentioned above. It’s a fantastic bonus feature which is why we consider it to be the Thrill Factor of this slot title.

Free Spins

The Troll Haven slot machine features a free spins bonus. This feature is a little different from the usual bonuses you’ll find online. Yggdrasil is the Scatter symbol that can appear on any reel, and landing at least 3 of them anywhere on the reels will kick start the Free Games bonus round where you will get to choose one out of 4 different modes. Here’s where things get exciting. At the start of the bonus round, you get to choose from four game modes. Go for fewer spins but a higher multiplier, or opt for lots of spins and a lower multiplier:

  • 5 free spins & a 10x multiplier
  • 10 free spins & a 5x multiplier
  • 16 free spins & a 3x multiplier
  • 23 free spins & a 2x multiplier

This feature can also be re-triggered, which can come in handy while looking for that big catch!

Free Spins Feature
Free Spins Feature


Troll Haven is nice looking slot with basic game mechanics and not many features. Admittedly, the Free Spins round offers some choice to it, but it still lacks diversity if you ask us. The fantasy theme was a nice choice, so take it for a spin and see if the Troll will lead you down the hidden trek to show you all the treasures that the game offers. All said and done, this title is certainly an interesting slot that offers a great playing experience. It also comes with good betting options, great looking symbols, a nice soundtrack and special features, such as Risk Game which can be found in most of the products by this provider. If you like the fantasy themed titles, make sure to check this one out!

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