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Game title: Tower of Fortuna

Game description: Tower of Fortuna is a fantastic slot title developed by Betsoft. It's a title that comes with a mythological-theme from the legends of Ancient Rome. The graphics are fantastic and there are plenty of bonus features. Players can enjoy multipliers, free spins, as well as a Buy option.

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Welcome to yet another Betsoft title that took inspiration from the legends and gods of Ancient Rome. This one is known as Tower of Fortuna and it got its name from Fortuna – the Roman Goddess of Luck. Roman mythology has lead to the creation of many online slots; however, this title by Betsoft is one of the best. It has excellent graphics and engaging gameplay that fits the theme perfectly. On top of that, the title is filled with bonus features which is what most players want from a slot anyway. Players get to climb the tower and earn the biggest rewards the game offers. There is a wild, some multipliers and a fantastic free spins bonus round. This title also features a Buy option which gives players the opportunity to buy some free spins. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this online slot title.

Welcome to Tower of Fortuna
Welcome to Tower of Fortuna

Tower of Fortuna follows the same path as most Betsoft titles that came out in 2021. Instead of the standard 5×4/5×3 grid, players get a 3×3 setup with only 5 active paylines. The small playing area is why this title has medium volatility which means it offers players frequent wins with moderate value. The highest payout of the game is 3,200x the stake while the RTP sits at 96,09% which is just above the industry average. As we mentioned above, the game has excellent graphics and offers an immersive experience. Players will also notice the soothing sounds and sound effects that come from the background as they fit the theme perfectly. When it comes to bonus features, there is a wild, a scatter that triggers free spins, and various multipliers. Below, we will talk more about the gameplay and the bonus features of the title.

Tower of Fortuna Gameplay

Before starting Tower of Fortuna, there are certain things you can do to set it up under your preferences. You can select how much you want to bet right below the reels. The betting panel can be set from 0.03 per spin up to 45.00 per spin which is the maximum bet. Unlike many Betsoft slots where the coin size can be adjusted, in this title, the coin size is set and it can’t be changed. Additionally, most Betsoft games give the player a chance to set his own active paylines. However, in this one, there are 5 paylines and they stay active throughout the whole game. Keep in mind that you can use Bitcoin to play this slot. Nevertheless, FIAT currency is available as well.


Hitting the Spin button will start the Tower of Fortuna online slot. To set the game to the maximum bet, you have to click on the “+” button. Unlike other similar games, this one doesn’t have a Max Bet button. All the settings in the game are located in the bottom left corner and you need to click the button with three dots to reveal them. There, you have the option to turn the background sounds on or off. Conversely, if you want to look at the payouts and extra features simply click on the “i” button, located right below the reels. Last but not least, we have the Autoplay button which spins the reels automatically. This is a feature often added to slots by game developers. In this one, you can find it to the left of the Spin button and it looks like a little Play image.


As we said in the beginning of the article, Tower of Fortuna was created based on some Ancient Rome mythology. The name comes from Fortuna who is the Goddess of Luck among the Roman Pantheon. However, we never get to see her in the game and it seems she only served as an inspiration for the title. There are ancient temples in the background, and images of green rolling hills, forests, and mountains. Basically, the reels are different levels of the tower and they look like marble pillars. The symbols appear between those pillars as a “Cupid” angel is flying to the right of them. That angel holds the number of multipliers that the player currently has.

When it comes to symbols, they are divided in two groups. The lower-value symbols are royals which we often see in other titles. They are the letters J, Q, K, and A. The high-value symbols, on the other hand, are a bull, eagle, lion, the god Jupiter while the highest-paying symbol is the crescent moon. However, that’s not all, as Tower of Fortuna has some special symbols as well. First, there is a crimson flag which is the Wild of the slot and it’s used to substitute for symbols. Lastly, we have the scatter which is a picture of the Sun and it can trigger the free spins round.

Tower of Fortuna Features & Bonuses

The small playing grid is the reason why Tower of Fortuna doesn’t have a lot of symbols. However, that didn’t stop Betsoft from adding several bonus features. First, we have the Wild which is only used to substitute for other symbols as it creates winning lines. Keep in mind that the wild can only appear on the middle reel. The one feature that everyone will notice is the one that’s active all the time because its a part of the gameplay. This feature increases multipliers every time you don’t get a win on the reels which is quite unique for a slot title of this caliber.

Last but not least, we have the Sun scatter which can be used to trigger the free spins round. As a matter of fact, there is a Buy option feature as well which allows players to buy some free spins. Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of these bonus features.

Climbing the Tower

Tower of Fortuna comes with the most unbelievable feature as it gives you rewards even when you get no wins on the reels. Climbing the Tower feature does exactly what the name suggests. Every time you spin the reels and there is no winning combo on them, you go one level up on the tower. However, not only do you go up a level but the slot multiplier will increase by 1x. The multiplier can grow up to 100x as long as you don’t get a win. Nevertheless, it’s highly unlikely that you will go 100 rounds without a win. When a win happens, its multiplier by the multiplier that’s active at the moment and the feature ends. As soon as you spin the reels again, the feature will begin as it stays active during the whole gameplay.

Tower of Fortuna Climbing the Tower
Climbing the Tower

It’s important to note that the multipliers can keep increasing during the free spins mode as well. So, any wins you get while in that round will get a multiplier added to them.

Thrill Factor

Last but not least, we have to mention the best feature that the Tower of Fortuna slot has to offer. It’s quite obvious that free spins are the favorite feature for every player. For that reason, this casino game has a whole bonus round dedicated to free spins. Since it’s the best feature, we have to call it the Thrill Factor. Below, we will explain this feature in detail.

Free Spins Round

To start the free spins round, at least 3 sun scatters need to land on the reels. They don’t have to be in a line, they can land anywhere on the reels. When this happens, 10 free spins will be rewarded to the player. This is where the multiplier from the Climbing the Tower feature comes into play. Instead of resetting when you get a win like it usually does, the multiplier won’t reset during the free spins. As a matter of fact, it will continue to increase with every spins as long as the free spins round is active. This is how players can get the highest rewards of the Tower of Fortuna slot title. The maximum payout can be 3,200x the stake. At the highest possible bet, a player can win up to $144,000 with a single spin.

Free Spins Round
Free Spins Round

Additionally, the free spins feature can be retrigged while there is an active one going on. If 3 sun scatters land on the reels during your free spins round, another 10 spins will be rewarded. Similar features can be found in other Betsoft titles. For more information about these features, check their official website.

Buy Option

This small feature is as simple as the name suggests. Players that are enjoying Tower of Fortuna can buy some free spins at any time, during the regular gameplay. The amount that has to be paid depends on the bet level the player is currently playing at. Basically, you can buy 10 Free spins for 50x the stake and the amount you have to spend will depend on how much your stake is. This is a feature that players don’t have to use but can come in handy, especially if triggering free spins hasn’t been as easy as expected. The button to activate this feature is located right next to the “i” button.


To conclude, Tower of Fortuna is an amazing slot brought to us by Betsoft Gaming. The theme is taken from Roman mythology as the title carries the name of the Goddess of Luck – Fortuna. The game comes with a 3×3 grid and 5 paylines that remain active during the whole gameplay. The maximum win is 3,200x the stake while the RTP is above the industry average. All in all, this title comes with excellent graphics and an immersive gameplay. On top of that, the game has several bonus features and all of them offer lucrative prizes. There is a scatter that triggers free spins and a gameplay feature which increases the multiplier with every spin. Based on all that, we recommend this game to both new and experienced slot players.

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