Lady Fruits 20 Review Scores

Game title: Lady Fruits 20

Game description: Lady Fruits 20 is an Amatic title that gives you 5×3 reels and it offers 20 paylines. It's yet another clone of the popular Book of Ra slot. Players can take advantage of the Wild which substitutes for symbols to create wins. On top of that, there are two high-paying scatters and a Lucky 7 symbol that offers 3,000x the stake wins.

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  • Features & Bonuses
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  • Up to 300,000 Coins Possible Wins
  • Expanding Wild
  • Simple Gameplay


  • No Free Spins

It’s time for yet another great slot option of the classic variety. All the best casino slot players prefer the old 3×3 slots that look like the ones you can find in a land-based casino. There are thousands of modern slots that come with fancy gameplay and features. However, the classic slots are where the biggest payouts can be found. Lady Fruits 20 is one of the newest slot machines from Amatic as it was released towards the end of 2020. It’s a classic game that comes with a fruit theme and features the symbols we all know and love. When it comes to features, they are not really a thing in classic slots. For that reason, this game type doesn’t have any advanced features. It’s a simple game where the regular gameplay offers huge rewards. Nevertheless, players can still enjoy a wild and two different scatters.

Welcome to Lady Fruits 20
Welcome to Lady Fruits 20

The game comes with the usual 5×3 grid and 20 active paylines which is expected since the game is called Lady Fruits 20. When it comes to features, there is nothing to be exited about. Players will see a wild which can expand on the reels. Additionally, there are two scatters that offer high-payouts. The scatters are probably the most important part of the gameplay as one of them offers 2,000x the stake payouts. However, that’s not even the biggest win in the game. Getting 5 Lucky 7’s on the reels will result in a 3,000x the stake win. On the negative side, even though it’s a classic slot, the scatters don’t trigger a Free Spins feature like we are used to. Keep reading our Lady Fruits 20 review to learn more about the gameplay and the bonus features that this online slot title offers.

Lady Fruits 20 Gameplay

Before starting Lady Fruits 20 there are certain things you can do to set it up under your preferences. You can see the betting amount right below the reels. You can set it from 20 all the way up to 2000 coins per spin. However, the player can’t control the coin size in this tile. The slot has 20 paylines that can’t be controlled by the player. The number of lines is shown on the left side, right below the reels. With no button to control the paylines, it means that all 20 remain active throughout the whole gameplay. Keep in mind that this slot can be played with bitcoin. However, you can play with regular FIAT currency as well.


Hitting the button with the two rotating arrows will start the Lady Fruits 20 online slot. The button is on the bottom right side, right below the reels. Right next to it, you can see the Auto Play button which is used to spin the reels automatically. This is a feature often added to slots by game developers. Additionally, this slot title has a Max Bet button as well. Clicking on it allows the players to play the game at the maximum bet. The button to control the background sound is on the top-right side of the reels. Right next to it, there is an “?” button. Clicking on it will reveal the gameplay, paylines, and all the bonuses. Lastly, the game options are there as well. Players can find the settings button right below the sounds button.


Even though it’s a classic slot, Lady Fruits 20 look different but in a very positive way. We get a shiny grid that sits in front of a natural and green backdrop. Talking about the paytable, we can agree that it’s rather simple as it features symbols that we have seen many times before. The blonde woman in a blue dress that’s picking fruits in an orchard is the only symbol that stands out. That’s why it’s the wild of the symbol; however, everything else in the design is not exciting.

Players get the usual and very popular fruit symbols. There are watermelons, grapes, lemons, oranges, plums, and cherries. Additionally, we have the Lucky 7 symbol as well as a couple of horseshoes. Last but not least, the players get two different scatters. One of them is a star and the other one is a pair of dice. We won’t say that this is a bad design. However, nothing about it screams out. There is nothing to create some extra excitement.

Lady Fruits 20 Features and Bonuses

Amatic haven’t done anything spectacular in this one. They have created another “Book of Ra” clone but this one doesn’t even have a free spins feature. As a matter of fact, there are no real features used in Lady Fruits 20. So, don’t expect a lot of excitement even though the action in the game is fast-paced. With that being said, the game comes with a Wild that has an option to expand on the reels. Additionally, there are two scatters and both of them offer high-payouts. Last but not least, the Lucky 7 symbol can trigger a 3,000x the stake win. At the maximum bet, 5 Lucky 7 symbols can trigger a 300,000 coins win. Below, we will explain these bonus features in proper detail.

Wild & Scatters

Lets start by explaining how the Wild symbols works. In Lady Fruits 20 the wild is a Lady in a blue dress. The symbol appears only on the 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th reel. Just like every other wild, it can be used to substitute for any symbol to create winnings. However, it can’t substitute for the scatters. The wild has yet another task in the game. When it lands on a line, it can take over the whole line by expanding to all the positions on the line. Since some of the symbols offer huge payouts, the wild can be very useful in substituting for symbols. For that reason, the expanding wild is the only real bonus feature of the game.

Lady Fruits 20 Wild & Scatters
Wild & Scatters

Nevertheless, talking about the scatters, they are useful for only one thing and that’s triggering huge prizes. The scatter has a lower payout of 400x the stake. However, you need only three of them on a line to create a win. The other scatter is the Dice scatter which has a maximum payout of 2000x the stake. As you can see, that’s only lower than the Lucky 7 symbol which makes the Dice scatter the 2nd highest-paying symbol in the game. Amatic as a developer often add these types of features to their slots. You can read more about such features on their website.

Thrill Factor

Usually, slots have several bonus features or at least just one. However, Lady Fruits 20 doesn’t really have a real bonus feature. The only thing players can enjoy is an expanding wild which helps create winnings. For that reason, we have to consider the Wild to be the Thrill Factor of the game. Nevertheless, don’t get discouraged as the payouts this slot offers more than make up for the lack of bonus features.


Lady Fruits 20 is another classic yet pretty online slot brought to us by Amatic Industries. Even though it’s a very simple game, experienced slot players will love it. The reason for that is well-known, the slot reminds them of classic slot machines found in land-based casinos. Lady Fruits 20 slot will give the player a classic experience. The expanding wilds can be quite entertaining but with no other feature in site, they are surely not enough. Players will have to satisfy themselves with the huge payouts offered by the scatters and the Lucky 7 symbol. Nevertheless, none of this is enough to separate this slot from others that feature a similar fruit theme and symbols.

On the other hand, that makes the gameplay very simple and easy to handle. A lot of slot players prefer that to the flashy slots that appear in this new age. Sometimes a classic slot is everything an online casino player needs. For that reason, we suggest checking out this slot title from Amatic.

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