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Game title: Gold Tiger Ascent

Game description: Gold Tiger Ascent is a fantastic slot title developed by Betsoft. It's yet another title that comes with an Asian theme and Betsoft have really outdone themselves in this one. The graphics are fantastic and there are plenty of bonus features. Players can enjoy random cash prizes, free spins, as well as a Buy option.

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Get ready for another Asian themed online slot developed by Betsoft. The name of the slot is Gold Tiger Ascent and the gameplay borrows a lot of things from Asian culture. In this one, we get a frozen landscape with a temple and the tiger protagonist in the background. Since it comes from Betsoft, we expected nothing less than excellent graphics and entertaining gameplay. We are happy to say that players will be getting exactly that with this new Betsoft title. The game comes with a wild, a free spins feature, a random prizes gameplay feature as well as a buy option. All in all, Gold Tiger Ascent is filled with bonus features that will keep players entertained during long sessions with this game. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the gameplay as well as the bonus features of this fantastic online slot title.

Welcome to Gold Tiger Ascent
Welcome to Gold Tiger Ascent

Most Betsoft titles come with the well-known 5×3 or 5×4 grid. However, with Gold Tiger Ascent they went in a different direction. The game comes with a 3×3 grid and just 10 active paylines. The RTP sits at 95.37% which is below the industry average. As such, it might not be acceptable for some players; however, the title makes up for it by offering high payouts. The maximum payout is 2,520x the stake which at the highest bet is $126,000 in a single spin. The volatility model used in this online slot falls in the medium category. Basically, players can expect frequent wins that will have a moderate value. When it comes to features, we mentioned there is a gameplay feature, free spins, and a buy option. Below, we will explain how the gameplay works as well as how to take proper advantage of the bonus features.

Gold Tiger Ascent Gameplay

Before starting Gold Tiger Ascent, there are certain things you can do to set it up under your preferences. You can select how much you want to bet right below the reels. The betting panel can be set from 0.10 per spin up to 50.00 per spin which is the maximum bet. Unlike many Betsoft slots where the coin size can be adjusted, in this title, the coin size is set and it can’t be changed. Additionally, most Betsoft games give the player a chance to set his own active paylines. However, in this one, there are 10 paylines and they stay active throughout the whole game. Keep in mind that you can use Bitcoin to play this slot. Nevertheless, FIAT currency is available as well.


Hitting the Spin button will start the Gold Tiger Ascent online slot. To set the game to the maximum bet, you have to click on the “+” button. Unlike other similar games, this one doesn’t have a Max Bet button. All the settings in the game are located in the bottom left corner and you need to click the button with three dots to reveal them. There, you have the option to turn the background sounds on or off. Conversely, if you want to look at the payouts and extra features simply click on the “i” button, located right below the reels. Last but not least, we have the Autoplay button which spins the reels automatically. This is a feature often added to slots by game developers. In this one, you can find it to the left of the Spin button and it looks like a little Play image.


As we already said, Gold Tiger Ascent comes with amazing graphics and an immersive gaming experience. The sharp visuals, combined with the high-quality design create a really enjoyable adventure. The 3×3 grid is set right in the middle of the screen with a transparent background to complete the picture. We can see the Himalayas in the back with some sort of shrine on the left and the Gold Tiger sitting right next to the reels. Additionally, there is snow and mountain peaks as well. Some animations like the wind blowing were added by Betsoft and they make the gameplay even better. Lastly, we have to mention the sounds as they are excellent and fit the theme perfectly.

When it comes to the symbols, the choice is not huge because the grid is only 3×3. So, players will notice three different colored boxes as the lowest paying symbols. There is a green, blue, and a purple box and each one carries some sort of a Chinese inscription on it. Next, we have some firecrackers and a bag of cold coins which is the highest-paying symbol of the game. This slot title comes with only one special symbol and that is the special red envelope. This symbol can transform into cash prizes, act as a wild, or a scatter that triggers a free spins round. Below, we will explain these bonus features in detail.

Gold Tiger Ascent Features & Bonuses

We mentioned in the section above that the red envelope symbol is the most important one in Gold Tiger Ascent. First, it acts as a wild thus substituting for all symbols to help create winning lines. Next, the envelope is also a scatter and at least 3 of them can trigger a free spins mode. Lastly, the red envelope awards random prizes as well. These envelops open during the regular gameplay and can end up awarding high-paying symbols or instant cash prizes. All in all, we can safely say that the whole gameplay revolves around these magic envelops. What you get from them is based on luck but the features that are triggered are quite lucrative.

Lastly, we have to mention that Betsoft added a Buy option as well. This means that players can pay a certain amount to instantly trigger the free spins mode, instead of waiting for it to trigger through the regular gameplay. The price that has to be paid depends on how many spins you want to buy and also on which betting amount you are playing. Keep reading this review to learn everything about these bonus features.

Magic Red Envelopes

During the regular gameplay, 3 to 5 red envelopes can appear on the grid every time the player spins the reels. However, they remain closed until the reels stop their spinning. Once that happens, the envelopes open and reveal certain prizes. These prizes can be instant cash rewards, high-paying symbol, wilds and scatters. Depending on what you get, the game will adjust to the outcome. For instance, if the envelope turns into wilds, they will be used to substitute for other symbols. The appearance of additional high-paying symbols or instant cash prizes is quite obvious. However, the biggest reward that can come from these envelopes is if they turn into scatters and trigger the free spins round. We will talk more about that in our Thrill Factor section right below.

Gold Tiger Ascent Magic Red Envelopes
Magic Red Envelopes

Thrill Factor

Last but not least, we have to mention the best feature that the Gold Tiger Ascent slot has to offer. It’s quite obvious that free spins are the favorite feature for every player. For that reason, this casino game has a whole bonus round dedicated to free spins. Since it’s the best feature, we have to call it the Thrill Factor. Below, we will explain this feature in detail.

Free Spins Feature

The Red Envelopes can turn into scatters to trigger the free spins. They can land several times per reel which means you can get 3 to 9 of them with the latter being a full screen of scatters. However, as a player all you need are 3 to 5 scatters to get the most out of the free spins feature. 3 scatters award 6 spins and a 5x the stake payout. 4 of them will trigger 8 spins and a 10x payout while 5 scatters offers 10 spins and a 20x payout. Once the free spins get going, there is a chance that they will retrigger, by landing more Red Envelope scatters. With a bit of luck your whole gameplay could be free spins, especially when playing on the maximum bet. Similar features can be found in other Betsoft titles. For more information about these features, check their official website.

Free Spins Feature
Free Spins Feature

Buy Option

This small feature is as simple as the name suggests. Players that are enjoying Gold Tiger Ascent can buy some free spins at any time, during the regular gameplay. The amount that has to be paid depends on how many spins you want to buy as well as how much you are betting per spin. Basically, you can pay 40x the stake for 6 free spins, 53x the stake for 8 free spins, and 66x the stake for 10 free spins. This is a feature that players don’t have to use but can come in handy, especially if triggering free spins hasn’t been as easy as expected. The button to activate this feature is located right next to the “i” button.


To conclude, the Gold Tiger Ascent slot is a really fun and exciting game, made with great visuals and an immersive adventurous atmosphere. The appearance of the game is quite realistic, which allowed developers to create a really amazing gaming experience for all types of players. When it comes to bonus features, the red envelope is the one symbol that controls the whole gameplay. When it lands, it can transform into the symbols necessary to activate the free spins and to earn cash prizes as well. These bonus features might not look too exciting but they are easy to trigger and have some quite lucrative rewards. All in all, this slot is perfect for both beginners and experienced players because of its medium volatility and high payouts.

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