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Game title: Geisha

Game description: Geisha is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot that was developed by Endorphina. This slot has an RTP of 96%, is packed with bonus features and contains some glorious graphics and animations. You can win free spins with both x2 and x3 multipliers that can lead to huge payouts.

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Oriental themes have been used more than once to create popular slot machines. Providers use a variety of interpretations, ranging from hieroglyphs to Japanese architecture. Endorphina’s portfolio also found a place for a similar theme. However, this time, the ancient geisha profession became the main storyline. The new Geisha slot machine became the original embodiment of a story about a girl who is capable of falling in love with men with one glance. The main character is not only incredibly beautiful, but also smart and creatively developed. In the slot you can familiarize yourself with all the attributes of the profession, as well as receive substantial rewards for completing tasks. While one can have a wonderful time playing the base game, those who are lucky enough to trigger the bonus game will enjoy even better results. Players who take risks can also revel in a very rewarding experience.

Welcome to Geisha
Welcome to Geisha

Geisha’s setup is a traditional 5-reel, 25 payline setup, with animated symbols and dynamic transitions. Getting started is made easy by the usual Endorphina commands, located around the reels. Once again, Endorphina decided to give players a coherent a beautiful world to gamble in. Geisha is obviously set in traditional Japan and, as such, you should expect a lot of beauty and refinement. Ink-painted cherry trees in blossoms constitute the background, with actual pink petals gently blowing across the screen as you play. The reels are topped by a black tile roof and separated by bamboo frames. The overall tone is sepia and brown, evoking nature and tranquility. The music playing is traditional as well, calm but perfectly fitting for the theme. Geisha is an experience of its own, even just through its design. The game looks beautiful and relaxing, while remaining an entertaining game.

Geisha Gameplay

Before starting Geisha there are certain things you can do to set it up under your preferences. You can see the betting amount right below the reels. You can set it from 25 to 250.00 coins per spin. However, the player can also control the coin size. It can be set at 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 or 0.5. Conversely, the maximum bet with a 0.5 coin size is 1250.00 coins per spin. The slot has 25 paylines that can be controlled by the Lines button in the bottom left corner. This means that players can set their gameplay anywhere from 1 to 25 paylines. Keep in mind that this slot can be played with bitcoin. However, you can play with regular FIAT currency as well.


Hitting the Spin button will start the Geisha online slot. The button is on the bottom right side, right below the reels. Right next to it, you can see the Auto button which is used to spin the reels automatically. This is a feature often added to slots by game developers. Additionally, this slot title has a turbo button as well. Clicking on it will make the reels spin faster, creating a faster gameplay. The button to control the background sound is on the top-right side of the reels. Right next to it, there is an “i” button. Clicking on it will reveal the gameplay, paylines, and all the bonuses. However, the game options are set diagonally from the background sounds button. You can find them in the bottom left corner.


You will find 12 beautifully drawn symbols in Geisha, all directly inspired by tradition Japanese culture and fitting perfectly within the frame of the game. We start with the lowest paying symbols: the Sandals and Coins, followed by the Japanese ideogram for Love, the Shamisen (a traditional Japanese musical string instrument), the Tea Pot, the Fan and the Umbrella. The most valuable icons are the three Geisha symbols, Red and Blue to start with and Yellow, which brings even higher stakes. Combinations of three or more of these symbols on an active payline will make you a winner! Each combo is accompanied by a beautiful animation where the symbols come to life. And the last two cards have a little extra in store as well.

Geisha Features and Bonuses

Your spinning adventures with Geisha can quickly take a turn for the better once you trigger the special features of the game. The Japanese Carps, with their beautiful orange and white scales, are the Wild symbol in Geisha. They can substitute any basic symbol we have reviewed earlier. However, that’s just the beginning as this is the most basic feature of this slot. Players can enjoy a fantastic free spins feature that comes with some extra incentives. On top of that, just like most Endorphina slots, Geisha has a gamble feature.

Wild Feature

The Japanese Carps, with their beautiful orange and white scales, are the Wild symbol in Geisha. They can substitute any basic symbol we have reviewed earlier, and in doing so they will award a x2 bonus. This means that any combination completed by one or more Carps will be worth twice as much as usual. A true blessing! The Carps are indeed considered as good-luck charms in Japan. A combination of three Carps is also the most valuable of all in Geisha! Below, we will explain more about the special bonus features that come with this slot.

Wild Feature
Wild Feature

Geisha Gamble Feature

Like many other casino games, this one also has a Gamble feature. Here, you will get one card shown, and 4 more flipped over face down. You need to choose one of the remaining four cards. If the card you choose is highest than the dealer’s, you win, if the dealer’s card is higher than yours, you will lose and will be taken back to the base game. If the card is the same as the dealer’s you will repeat the round. You can choose to collect your winnings after each high card chosen. In Geisha, you can double your winning up to 10 times. However, once you get it wrong, the round is over and you lose your initial win. Endorphina as a developer often add gamble features to their slots. You can read more about such features on their website.

Geisha Gamble Feature
Gamble Feature

Thrill Factor

There is one more feature that the Geisha slot has and we have to mention it. It’s a feature which acts as a bonus round, separate from the regular gameplay which is why we consider it the Thrill factor. It’s a free spins feature which is favorite among players. However, this free spins feature comes with something extra that players love. We are talking about the multipliers that can happen during this feature. We will explain this in proper detail right below.

Free Spins Feature

Your spinning adventures with Geisha can quickly take a turn for the better once you trigger the special feature of the game. If you land 3 or more Scatters in the main game, this will result in playing with 10 free spins. During this feature, every spin will have 2 Geisha Jokers which will cover the reels they appear on. These special Jokers can replace any other paying symbol and completing winning lines with ease. If you land a win with the Geisha Jokers, your winnings will be multiplied either by 1x, 2x or 3x. If each of the two Jokers complete a winning line, both of the multipliers will be applied to your winnings.

Free Spins Feature
Free Spins Feature

While you play Free Games, it is possible to retrigger the feature and enjoy additional free spins. The last symbol is the Scatter, a Temple under pink cherry blossoms. Three or more of them anywhere on the screen are treated as a winning combination.


Geisha is a beautiful Endorphina creation, with an immersive universe and a lot of detail work in symbol design. You will be hooked on it in no time! Certain players might enjoy more fast-paced games with a more dynamic atmosphere, but the many bonuses and the aesthetics of this title will convince many. It is a great experience to play Geisha by Endorphina which can award pretty good payouts. The offered Auto-Play option will come in handy if you are tired of pressing the play button again and again. Many will appreciate the overall design and graphics of the game but what makes it truly entertaining are the bonus features. You can play 10 rounds of Free Games if you land the right combination and stack up pretty good payouts. You can also double your winnings if you are willing to take a risk.

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