Dia Muertos Review Scores

Game title: Dia Muertos

Game description: Dia Muertos is an Amatic title that gives you 5 reels (1-3-5-3-1 expanding symbols grid) and manages to offer huge wins across all of them. Wins of up to 3,125x the stake are possible for all players. For features, players get one option that works like two features. Players can enjoy respins as well as some bonus spins.

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Amatic’s new game, Dia Muertos, is dedicated to a holiday from Mexico, which might not sound like it should be If you are into fun, bone-like, cartoon characters this is the game for you. Get ready, to say hello to the dead with Dia Muertos, the mystic slot game provided by Amatic. Just like the name says it, this game is dedicated to the day of the dead. It is a respected holiday amongst Mexican culture worldwide, where people just gather together and remember their loved ones, but also a celebrated festival on the streets of Mexico. It is quite a simple slot game, with 5 reels that can fit up to 5 symbols each. The designers of Dia Muertos have put a lot of thought into the theme. It is not the only slot with a similar theme but it’s design and characters certainly are to die for.

Welcome to Dia Muertos
Welcome to Dia Muertos

Dia Muertos will features a layout with 5 reels, which starts out with 1-3-5-3-1 symbols, but it then expands to as much as 5×5 reels. Initially, you get 45 ways to win out of this setup. Top wins of up to 50x are paid on each line, while for the better features which are included, Dia Muertos will have wild symbols, re-spins with expanding reels, and with as many as 3125 ways to win activated eventually. The graphics are fun and colorful, with a unique layout that makes it different from other slots. The symbols rely on cartoon-style artwork and you will see various themed icons pop up on the reels. Unlike other slots, Dia Muertos because of its shape allows winning combinations to start from both, the left and the right side. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this title.

Dia Muertos Gameplay

Before starting Dia Muertos there are certain things you can do to set it up under your preferences. You can see the betting amount right below the reels. You can set it from 10 all the way up to 3000 coins per spin. However, the player can’t control the coin size in this tile. The slot has 10 paylines that can’t be controlled by the player. The number of lines is shown on the left side, right below the reels. With no button to control the paylines, it means that all 10 remain active throughout the whole gameplay. Keep in mind that this slot can be played with bitcoin. However, you can play with regular FIAT currency as well.


Hitting the button with the two rotating arrows will start the Dia Muertos online slot. The button is on the bottom right side, right below the reels. Right next to it, you can see the Auto Play button which is used to spin the reels automatically. This is a feature often added to slots by game developers. Additionally, this slot title has a Max Bet button as well. Clicking on it allows the players to play the game at the maximum bet. The button to control the background sound is on the top-right side of the reels. Right next to it, there is an “?” button. Clicking on it will reveal the gameplay, paylines, and all the bonuses. Lastly, the game options are there as well. Players can find the settings button right below the sounds button.


It’s dedicated to the Mexican Day of Dead, and so Dia Muertos could make for a fun Halloween themed slot machine, even though it’s released after the event is already over. The graphics are cute, the layout is not that common, so overall it doesn’t look like a typical slot machine. For its symbols, the common options will rely on cartoon-style Royals at first, but then you move on to images of Skeleton Mariachi, Skull Mask Girls, Dogs, Cats, Guitars, Tequila Bottles, Moths and Flowers.

Each symbol has its own payout when landed in combinations of three, four or five across an active payline. Below are the payouts you will receive for landing each symbol in a group of five: 

  • Ace, king, queen, jack = 1x multiplier 
  • Flower = 1.2x multiplier 
  • Butterfly = 1.5x multiplier 
  • Tequila = 1.8x multiplier 
  • Guitar = 2.2x multiplier 
  • Cat = 2.5x multiplier 
  • Dog = 3x multiplier 
  • Girl = 5x multiplier 

Dia Muertos Features and Bonuses

When it comes to special features and free spins, this game is not that complicated. The wild mariachi band player symbol is the substitute for every other symbol. Every win activates a respin round that can score the player coins and more free spins. The skull is the wild symbol in the game. It can substitute for every other symbol in the game, giving you the chance to create more wins. The paylines can be expanded in the bonus rounds with a maximum of 3,125 ways to win. The top win is 50x your total bet, which you can try to achieve with the help of the wild symbols and the other bonus features. Nevertheless, the respins and the bonus spins are pretty much the only bonus feature in Dia Muertos. Below, we will explain that feature in proper detail.

Respins & Bonus Spins

The bit that’s more unusual, comes from the slot’s setup and how the blocked positions are unlocked. You start off with 45 ways to win, available on a setup with 1-3-5-3-1 symbols on the 5 reels. Each winning combination formed in Dia Muertos will trigger a re-spin. New wins will unlock more positions, and eventually you could have 5 symbols active on all 5 reels. As this happens bit by bit, the number of ways to win keeps growing. By the time you get to the 5th respins, you end up with 3125 ways to win, along with 7 bonus spins. In the bonus spins mode, each new winning combination gives you one extra bonus spins. Amatic as a developer often add these types of features to their slots. You can read more about such features on their website.


The respin feature triggers after every win you land in the game. During this feature, you can unlock more ways to win. This happens every time you win; what’s more, an additional respin is triggered: 

  • 1 Respin gives you 135 ways to win. 
  • 2 Respin gives you 405 ways to win. 
  • 3 Respin gives you 675 ways to win. 
  • 4 Respin gives you 1,125 ways to win 
  • 5 Respin gives you 1,875 ways to win. 

If you manage to make it to respin seven, you win have 3,125 different ways to win. After five respins and up to seven, you will also trigger the bonus spins feature

Dia Muertos Respins Feature
Respins Feature
Bonus spins 

During the bonus spins round, every win you receive gives you an additional bonus spin. This is essentially a free spins round. You will play in this round until there are no bonus spins left to use. 

Bonus Spins
Bonus Spins

Thrill Factor

Usually, slots have free spins features or some other bonus round which we consider the Thrill factor in the slot. In Dia Muertos there is really only one bonus feature which is more of a respin feature but free spins are awarded as well. The combination of these two things makes for a great feature which helps players win the biggest rewards. Nevertheless, in combination with the wild, especially if the game is played on the maximum bet, this feature can make everyone a winner. However, since there is no additional feature, we have to consider the wild feature to be the Thrill factor of this slot.


Dia Muertos is a simple Amatic free play slots game with a lot of winning potential thanks to the free spins and bonus free spins. With larger stakes on offer, the chance to win big prizes here is quite high. This will be an enticing slot for high rollers looking to spend big on the reels, but there is also a lower budget for those who don’t want to spend as much. The high RTP is also a big bonus factor here for anyone who wants to spend money on the reels. Many competitor providers offer similar slot games, but Amatic put their own twist on the gameplay making the game more fun. The day of the dead festively painted and all there is left for the player to contribute is spin.

I enjoyed Dia Muertos, and while it’s a fairly simple game feature wise, the options you’re given have great potential, as do the top payouts which are possible inside.

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