Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Review Scores

Game title: Avalon: The Lost Kingdom

Game description: Avalon: The Lost Kingdom is a slot game developed by BGaming. It comes with a popular and interesting theme with great graphics and soothing background sounds. The title comes with a wild, a scatter, and a free spins bonus round. During the free spins round, three additional features can be triggered, giving players the chance to win x5,000 the stake.

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  • Graphics & Sound
  • Gameplay
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  • Fantastic Graphics
  • Tons of Bonus Features
  • Free Spins


  • Low RTP

BGaming’s Avalon: The Lost Kingdom is a game which will take the player on a trip through the centuries, all the way back to Medieval England and the kingdom of Avalon. It’s a story, obviously, but one that people love, and the idea of Arthur and Camelot is still one that sells well in movies and other types of entertainment. Plenty of slot machines are also available with this theme, and Avalon is one of the better looking ones. Celtic mythology is always going to be an interesting topic, especially when used in the making of slot games. It has amazing legends with tons of details, that all have great meaning in the story that is told. It also makes the designer’s job much easier, by having to focus on the way everything looks rather than thinking of things linked with the theme to incorporate into the game.

Welcome to Avalon: The Lost Kingdom
Welcome to Avalon: The Lost Kingdom

Avalon: The Lost Kingdom has 5×3 reels, along with 20 lines, which is about a common of a setup as you can get in a slot. Payouts can be impressive, even reaching 5,000x the stake, but there are also good features to be explored, and those contribute as well. The wild symbol, scatters, free spins, up to 7x multipliers, or extra features such as Fateful Wild and Excalibur, these are all cool options that you may run across inside. The downside is the 95% RTP that I’ve seen mentioned for this game, which is a bit low. The background is simple but also meaningful, with the huge stone and the mighty sword Excalibur sticking out. There is also fog forming causing for a more dramatic effect. Keep reading to find out more about the gameplay and the extra features offered by this slot.

Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Gameplay

Before starting Avalon: The Lost Kingdom, there are certain things you can do to set it up under your preferences. You can see the betting amount right below the reels. You can set it from 0.20 to 50.00 per spin. Conversely, playing on the maximum bet settings can lead to a win of x5000 the stake. The slot has 20 paylines and they are set in place which means all 20 remain active throughout the whole gameplay. On top of that, the game is set on a 5×3 reel making winning combinations easy to come by. Keep in mind that this slot can be played with bitcoin. However, you can play with regular FIAT currency as well.


Hitting the Spin button will start Avalon: The Lost Kingdom online slot. The button is on the bottom right side, right below the reels. Right next to it, you can see the Autoplay button which is used to spin the reels automatically. This is a feature often added to slots by game developers. The button to control the background sound is on the top-right side of the reels. However, the game options are set diagonally from the background sounds button. You can find them in the bottom left corner. Right next to the options, there is a big “i” button. Clicking on it will reveal the gameplay, paylines, and all the bonuses.


The symbols are the most interesting part, at least when it comes to the appearance of the game since they contribute a lot to telling the story behind it. In Avalon: The Lost Kingdom we get the legend of King Arthur and of Camelot, along with some of the characters that we know from his story. Arthur, Morgana and Meizulina are present inside, along with goblets and bracelets, but also a couple of Royals. Feature symbols include the Excalibur sword and a Wild logo. It’s very well designed, with almost book-quality drawings for its major symbols. Below, we will share all the details that surround the bonus features that this slot has to offer.

Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Features and Bonuses

With a theme as interesting as this one, the features were bound to be great. They are very creative and make the game a lot more exciting to play. Aside from the wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter, everything pretty much revolves around the Free Spins feature. Keep reading to find out all the features that come with this slot title.

Wild & Scatter

Celtic Runes will give you many chances for higher wins as it will substitute for all symbols in the game to make win combos, except the Scatter. Time to learn reading the runes as they can show you the way to where Excalibur is located, and unlock additional features. However, it can also form a combo by itself, if it ends up covering a full line and there are no regulars alongside it. It pays as much as the jackpot icon then, 800x. Excalibur is the Scatter that, with a bit of luck, will trigger the Free Spins bonus round. Everything in Avalon: The Lost Kingdom is oriented around the free spins feature. It’s triggered by the scatter but it’s actually so much more. We will talk more about the Free Spins Feature in our Thrill Factor section.

Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Wild & Scatter
Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Wild & Scatter

Thrill Factor

The Thrill Factor is usually the best feature in any casino game. However, Avalon: The Last Kingdom has several features put together to work as one bonus round. It’s a free spins round triggered by scatters. During the round, three other features can happen and increase the player’s winnings. For that reason, we decided to put all of those features together, in our Thrill Factor section.

Free Spins Feature

The Free Spins feature is triggered by landing 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. This awards the player 10, 12 or 15 free spins that play out after the player has pulled Excalibur from the stone. However, during the free spins, the game has a couple of extra features, such as the Fateful Wild, Excalibur, and multipliers. In Avalon: The Last Kingdom, these features are where the players get their biggest wins. BGaming as a developer often add free spin features to their slots. You can read more about such features on their website.

Free Spins
Free Spins

The bonus round includes increasing multipliers that range from x2 to x7 and is applied to all the wins formed during the Free Spins feature. For each spin the multiplier varies randomly. These multipliers are the only way a player can reach the maximum bet in this title. With all the other features active, a huge multiplier can lead to a win of x5,000 the stake.

Multiplier Feature
Multiplier Feature
Fateful Wild

You will get to choose between Morgana, Meizulina or Prince Arthur, and the one you choose will become your Fateful Wild symbol during the bonus round. Before each free spins bonus round, you will get to choose the Fateful Wild you want, and it will have the same characteristics as the regular Wild. Remember that this feature can be retriggered many times during the free spins round of Avalon: The Lost Kingdom. The choice you initially made can be changed along the way.

Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Fateful Wild
Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Fateful Wild


Excalibur is a secret feature triggered during Free Spins, and with a bit of luck, it will show itself to you several times or not at all. The sword does its magic and adds additional Celtic Runes Wilds on the spinning reels. If Excalibur is triggered together with one of the other extra features, players can increase their wins drastically.

Excalibur Feature
Excalibur Feature


The game has impressed on so many levels! The design and graphics are very well-done which was expected. The features are however the star of the show since not only can the player benefit a great deal from them, they are also very creative and tie great to the story. Avalon: The Lost Kingdom seems to be packed with action and brimming with rewarding features. Arthurian legend started in Avalon, and now is the time for you to see if you can put this magic into increasing your bankroll. BGaming managed to capture the true essence of the story and thanks to high volatility we have the faith that this slot is going to be successful, and as such is definitely worth checking out.

This title looks great in several areas, but ultimately the RTP is going to be below average, at only 95%, so I would only recommend it to players that really love the story.

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