The main attraction that online casinos present are slots. Most of them will have a large collection of online slots that will keep you entertained for hours. However, it wasn’t always like that, especially before the internet.

History of Slots

The Sittman and Pitt Company designed the first slot machine in Brooklyn, New York back in 1891. Four more years passed before Charles Fay presented Liberty Bell, the first mechanical slot machine.

Casino Slots
Liberty Bell

For 70 years there were no big changes to slots but then in 1964 Bally Technologies invented the first electric slot machine. The name of the machine was Money Honey and it completely revolutionized the gambling world.

Walt Fraley made the next huge change in 1975 when thanks to microchips he created Fortune Coin, the first video casino game. Video slots became popular instantly but we often call them “fruit machines”. They are the base of every modern slot game which led to the introduction of the first online casino.

Casino Slots
Fortune Coin

Once the internet began its expansion, it made it possible for the creation of the first online casino, back in 1996. At that time only 18 games were available for online gamblers, and few of those were slots. Fast forward 23 years and the story is much different.

Types of Slots

The introduction of online casinos brought a new age for the video slots market. There are thousands of online slots which are developed by more than 100 different companies. Nevertheless, they are all divided into the following categories: 3-reel slots, video slots, bonus slots, and progressive jackpot slots.

3-reel Slot Games

Known as the single line slot machine, the 3-reel version is the simplest one. It’s very similar to the old mechanical slot machines that had a lever which started the game.

Because of their simplicity, these slots are best for newcomers. They are easy to use and the basic rules are very simple. Usually, the maximum wager on these games is 3 coins per spin and the winnings can be really high. On top of that, they come with great progressive jackpots.

Video Slot Games

Video slots are the classic online slots that you will find at every online casino. The other slot games are just different versions of the video slots. Some have bonus rounds, free spins, multiple jackpots, etc. but more on that topic below. Most video slots have at least 5-reels. There are various symbols just like the 3-reel games; however, there is more than one pay line. As a matter of fact, some video slots can offer up to 100 pay lines.

You will notice a lot of advantages when playing video slots. There are multipliers, jackpots, free spins, and most importantly a vast amount of betting options. The payouts are also much higher, compared to other slots.

Online Slots
Online Slots

Bonus Online Slots

Video slots that offer bonus rounds can be categorized as bonus online slots. The bonus round will start when a certain combination of symbols appear on an active pay line. Usually, the bonus rounds have amazing graphics and sound effects. There are slots that turn their bonus rounds into a mini arcade game which enhances your gaming experience even further.

Whether a slot game has a bonus round plays a major role when players decide what slot they want to play. This is quite normal since bonus rounds provide additional rewards, substantial winnings, and free spins. Players will always pick slots that feature bonus rounds rather than the ones that don’t.

It’s important to note that there are also bonus rounds that consist of several levels. Once a player starts the bonus round, he gets an opportunity to go through a number of levels with each one offering greater rewards than the previous one. However, if you don’t finish a level successfully, you don’t get to advance to the next one.

Progressive Jackpot Online Slots

The most popular casino slots are the ones that have a progressive jackpot. They are especially popular for slot players that like to bet big. The reason for this is simple – you can get a progressive payout only if you play with maximum bet spins.

Progressive slots are usually connected in a certain way. It can be across games, websites, machines, or casinos. Because of this, the payouts that can be won are very impressive. Once someone wins the jackpot, the game resets and the progressive jackpot starts to build up again. Besides the regular progressive slots, there are several different versions that are also highly popular.

Standalone Progressive Online Slots

These slots feature a jackpot that’s not connected to other slot games. The jackpot grows as players bet the maximum until someone wins and then it resets. The payouts are lower than other progressive slots because only one game fills the jackpot.

In-house Progressive Online Slots

These slots are joined together, whether it is within one online casino or several online casinos that are owned by the same operator. Since a lot of games contribute to the jackpot, the payouts are much higher.

Network Progressive Online Slots

There is a whole network of online casinos that share the same platform. Network progressive online slots offer the biggest payouts since a lot of games and casinos are involved.

Multiple Progressive Online Slots

As the name suggests, this slot type offers players the opportunity to play for more than one jackpot. Players that enjoy these slots can play to win one out of three jackpots.

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