The popularity for casino games is increasing every day. Both land-based and online casinos offer tons of different games, each more exciting than the last. To learn more about these different casino games, you can always take a look at our bitcoin casino.

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There is only one important thing that you will notice at any online casino. All the games are divided into a couple of very important categories. There are table games, video poker, online slots, and live casino games. Each of these categories holds several casino games. On top of that, there are hundreds of different versions of those games, especially when it comes to slots. Keep reading to find out which games are part of these categories.

Table Games

No casino would exist without the ever popular table games. Before slots came along they were the greatest activity that casinos could offer to their players. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker are all part of this category. If you visit any online casino, you will notice tons of different versions for all these games. However, the rules always remain pretty much the same. Each game has different minimum and maximum bets, different wins, etc. It’s up to the player to find his perfect version of his favorite table game.

Casino Games – Online Slots

At the moment, online slots are what keeps every online casino running. There are several excellent software providers who create millions of different slots. Basically, new slots come out every single day. Some of them have basic gameplay but others are really exciting and can attract tons of players. There are thousands of different themes and stories that are used for slots; however, new ideas appear all the time. Right now, only one thing seems certain when it comes to casinos. Slots will never be looked over or forgotten.

Dice Games

Dice games involve using one or more dice as the main component. For instance, a lot of casino games use dice. However, not all of them fall in this category. In some of them the dice are just means to control the outcome. For instance, one game that is a part of this category is the game Craps. At one point in casino history, it was the most popular game. Right now, other games stand out and are more popular; however, craps as a dice game will always remain as one of the most recognizable casino games all around the world.

Casino Games – Video Poker

Even though their popularity has been on the decline since online slots became the dominant force, Video Poker is still a favorite game among many professional gamblers. The gameplay is simple since it’s just poker but there are tons of different versions of video poker. Some versions even have jackpots, which means big wins can be won. Keep in mind that video poker can be very profitable but you need to be a real expert in the field.

Live Casino Games

Last but not least we have live games. Not every online casino offers them but they are very popular. Basically, they are table games but instead of playing against the computer, there is a real dealer. You can see the dealer through your screen and can communicate with him through your keyboard or talk to the person through a headset or a microphone. You can tell the dealer whether to give you another card in blackjack or how many cards you want in poker, etc.

Live games give you an opportunity to play against real people just like in any land-based casino. People who are experts when it comes to table or card games can win serious cash while playing these live games. You no longer need to travel thousands of kilometers to reach a real casino, all you need is a phone and an account to a certain online casino.

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Table Games

Table games refers to all the games that you can play on a table at a casino. This includes roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker.


Slots are known by many names, such as “fruit machines”, “poker machines” or simply “slot machines”. The online versions come in many variations.

Video Poker

Video Poker is essentially a slot game, which features poker gambling. With poker getting more recognition in this century, these machines are more popular than ever.

Dice Games

Dice Games involve throwing a dice to get a certain outcome in casino games. Craps is the most popular dice game.

Live Casino

Since 2007, casino software providers started introducing live casino to their software. The live casino games are typically table games.