Ice Hockey Betting with Bitcoin

Football (soccer) is always the number one sport when it comes online betting. Every sportsbook tries to have as many football markets and odds as possible. However, at the moment, ice hockey betting with bitcoin is at an all time high. With Covid-19 canceling most sports, bettors have waiting for at least some events to come back. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world and some leagues are active or preparing to come back very soon. The biggest league known as NHL entered it’s third phase this Monday. The third phase means teams are starting practices and playing friendlies to prepare for the rest of the season. On top of that, minor Russian leagues the Comet Division and Liga Pro are active as well.

Ice Hockey betting with bitcoin
Ice Hockey

The NHL return will start on the 1st of August. A couple of games will be played to decide the last play-off spots. After that, starting on the 10th of August, the play-off will start in order to decide the winner of the Stanley Cup. However, other popular leagues like AHL, SHL, KHL are still not active and at the moment they are not planned to return. Still, that doesn’t mean that people who enjoy ice hockey betting with bitcoin should wait to place their bets. The Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook offers the best odds and markets for ice hockey leagues that are active at the moment. Below, we will explain the best bets players can make to secure the biggest payouts.

Coinbet24 Ice Hockey Betting

Markets might be limited at the moment but the best leagues will surely return in the future. For now, we have to work with what we have and the fantastic thing is that the NHL is returning. Other active leagues include the Russian Comet Division and the Russian Liga Pro. However, the best ice hockey betting with bitcoin will come out of the NHL League. Starting from the 1st of August, we get to watch and bet on dozen games. Once the play-off starts, it might take up to 7 games for teams to move to the next phase. Below, we will mention the best markets and odds that can be played on the NHL.

The most important thing is that these bets can be made with Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Create an account at the Coinbet24 bitcoin sportsbook and online casino to see all the crypto options available to players.

1X2 Betting

Here we have the most basic bets regardless of the sport. All you have to do is pick the winner of the game. In ice hockey, this is the most popular betting type. Ice hockey betting with bitcoin is extremely popular with 1X2 bets. They are extremely simple and often have large odds. It’s important to note that these bets work only during the regular seasons of ice hockey leagues. Once play-offs start, there has to be a winner in the games. If a game ends in a draw, they go to OT and play until a winner is decided. That’s why the 1X2 bets during play-offs turn into Moneyline bets. This is best seen on the NHL markets. Nevertheless, here are some examples of how 1X2 bets look.

Ice hockey betting with bitcoin 1X2 Markets
1X2 Markets

Asian Handicap Betting

Handicap bets are extremely popular when it comes to football (soccer). However, they are also popular in ice-hockey. When it comes to NHL, the teams are often very close in quality so handicap bets might not work too well. Nevertheless, there are other popular ice hockey leagues where this bet type is excellent. For instance, the Russian top flight known as KHL has the perfect teams for playing an Asian Handicap bet. Still, since NHL is the most popular hockey league, here is an example of how ice hockey bitcoin betting works.

Asian Handicap Markets
Asian Handicap Markets

Over/Under Betting

Just like in football or basketball, over/under bets are very popular for professional bettors. In ice-hockey betting, you can place an over/under bet just on the regular time or including the overtime. Additionally, over/under bets can be placed just on one team. The bettor can decided whether one of the teams scores over or under a certain amount of goals. Visit our blog and learn more about over/under betting. Here is an example of how over/under ice hockey bets look.

Ice hockey betting with bitcoin Over/Under Markets
Over/Under Markets

Bitcoin Ice Hockey Betting Odds & Markets

Above this article you will find the latest ice hockey betting odds from, an online bitcoin sports betting and casino operator. The bitcoin sportsbook offers odds and markets from the most popular hockey leagues in the world. You will find markets from the NHLAHLSHLKHL, etc. Additionally, there are markets from almost every national ice hockey league in the world. The page opens at 1X2 bets; however, clicking on the + sign on the right will open all the other bitcoin hockey betting markets. Keep in mind that the website accepts bitcoin but also other crypto options.

The Coinbet24 bitcoin sportsbook offers a broad selection of betting types when it comes to ice hockey. You will find all standard bet types like 1X2 bets, several different totals score bets, handicap bets, Asian handicap, double chance bets, correct score bets, etc. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of special bitcoin hockey betting offers. Keep checking our blog posts for any updates on ice hockey leagues. The Coinbet24 sportsbook will have markets and odds for any league, as soon as it returns to action.