MLB: 2020 Baseball Season Restarts!

After long negotiations between the league, the owners, and the players, the green light was given for the 2020 MLB season. Major League Baseball was supposed to be on it’s way but Covid-19 delayed everything. The new season starts on Thursday night with 2 opening games. However, it will be much different to previous years. The most important change is that teams will play only 60 games before the Play-Offs. Workouts began last week but teams will manage only a couple of pre-season games before the season starts. However, that can’t stop bitcoin betting and here you can find all MLB pre-season games. It’s important to note that games will be played without fans for the foreseeable future. On top of that, tests will be conducted all the time to ensure player safety.

Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball

Additionally, there are several other protocols set in place because of Covid-19. For instance, there will be no spitting whatsoever. Pitchers will be allowed to carry a wet rag in their back pocket to use for moisture instead of licking their fingers. However, that’s not all because the season comes with significant changes to the rules. Nevertheless, all these changes are made to protect the players so the season can go on. They will be tested for Covid-19 every second day. Players will also take their temperature before entering the ball park. Anyone with a fever won’t be allowed to participate. Below, we will explain all the changes to the game in detail. In the meantime, check the Coinbet24 Bitcoin Sportsbook for the best MLB odds and markets.

How the game will be changed for the 2020 season?

As we mentioned above, there are some important rule changes for the new baseball season. Below, we are going to show you all the changes as they might impact the way bettors look at the MLB season.

All National League games will include the designated hitter.

  • In extra innings, each team will begin with a runner on second base. The runner will be the player in the batting order immediately preceding that half-inning’s lead-off hitter (or a pinch runner).
  • As previously planned, all relief pitchers must face a minimum of three batters (unless the inning ends).
  • Opening Day rosters will feature 30 active players culled from each team’s 60-man player pool. The active roster will be trimmed to 28 players on the 15th day of the season and then to 26 players on the 29th day. There will be no limitations on the number of pitchers (as previously required in a new rule change). Teams will be permitted to carry three players from their taxi squads on road trips, one of whom must be a catcher.
  • The trade deadline is Aug. 31; Sept. 15 is the postseason eligibility deadline.
  • The standard injured lists will be 10 and 45 days and there will be a separate COVID-19 injured list for players who test positive, have a confirmed exposure to COVID-19 or exhibit symptoms requiring self-isolation.
  • The schedule will be regionally based, with teams playing 40 games within the division and 20 interleague games against the corresponding geographical division.

Additionally, because of Covid-19 and less training sessions, there will be some field changes as well.

Different On-Field Strategies

  • Due to the short summer camp training session, starters will likely pitch fewer innings the first two or three times through the rotation. You could see things like tandem starters — two starters throwing three innings in the same game — and several teams have already announced they plan to go with a six-man rotation.
  • In general, with the expanded rosters for the first month, expect to see more bullpen usage (although the three-batter rule will eliminate some of the churn). The short season and importance of every game means managers may rely more heavily on their best relievers as they won’t have to worry as much about having to keep them fresh for six months and then the playoffs. Look to see more four- and five-out saves from closers.
  • The extra roster spots at the start of the season means we could see more pinch-running/defensive-replacement types used as bench players, a class of player that has largely disappeared in the past couple of decades. The extra-inning base-runner rule in particular means having a speed player on the bench would be of value.
  • The bunt may not be dead! Sacrifice bunts from non-pitchers are rare these days and now pitchers won’t be batting, but the extra-inning base-runner rule could lead to some sacrifice bunting.

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